Start Every Day Like This and Your Life Will Change Forever! The Perfect Morning Routine!

Start Every Day Like This and Your Life Will Change Forever! The Perfect Morning Routine!

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Start your day with something positive in your ear. Listen to FEARLESS SOUL speeches, every day on your phone:
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“TODAY, I decide to live on purpose! TODAY, I DECIDE my FUTURE will be much brighter than my past. TODAY is the first day of the rest of my life!”

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LISTEN TO FEARLESS SOUL, every day on your phone:
Apple Music:
Worldwide MP3 Download:

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  1. Stay positive take care of yourself water daily Salad exercise ed early positive mind set let go of guilt can't change it it's there choice stop beating yourself up let it go

  2. Today is my new day as the universe is within me and with me in spirit, soul, mind, body, and strength I'm grateful full today, something magical powers going to happen today and I'm grateful for it

  3. Every Day Is A New Day, A New Chapter, A New Fresh Start. Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is not yet here, All we have is now. Make the most out of each day no matter how good or bad your life is and make sure to make every moment worthwhile. You've got this!

  4. I am grateful that I am blessed with the Universe in spirit, soul, mind, body, and strength with the morning massages today, is my wonderful time something magical power is coming to me I am thankful for it

  5. Subject: Enemies ??
    At times its hardly difficult to find who is the enemy behind us.?
    But if we can try we can find out from how they deal with us. ⛏
    Mostly an enemy will have negative thoughts.?
    Mostly an enemy will have more jealousy on others. ?
    Mostly an enemy will not like any people living happily. ?
    Mostly an enemy will not like any people enjoying in life. ?
    So once you find out who is your enemy, then stay away from them. Dont even bother to look at their faces or even don't go to talk with them unless it is necessary. ?
    Remember enemies doesn't have positive thoughts or feelings towards others, all they possess is a poisonous heart with poisonous feelings. So always be careful with them.⚠️
    There are as many as enemies who speaks with you very nicely in front of you, and at your back they try to stab you. ?‍♂️
    Some enemies are very expert in their dealings. They know how to put you down by dealing with you nicely. ?‍♂️
    Reminding you again, ?‍♂️
    Remember that, an enemy will have the following habits:-?
    1. Jealously feelings towards others. ?
    2. Trying to put down an innocent person. ?
    3. Getting closer with a person, taking lots of benefits from him or her, showing mercy and love, acting like helping them, talking so lovingly and in an innocent way and many other things so as to attract them. Finally, an enemy will put that innocent person down at any moment. ?
    An enemy will have an intelligent mind. His or her mind will be so steady when dealing matters in a negative way. ??
    An enemy will never loose except winning. ☻
    A day will come for him or her where they will fall into severe punishments. These things will happen.?
    They can escape from people but they cant escape from God.☠?‍??‍?
    By: Dawood ✍
    Written on: 15.02.2022

  6. ? Patience was carried out in the past, but its no more practical in today's life.
    ? Peoples jealously was very less in the past, but its getting more and more in today's society.
    ? Legal earnings was profitable in the past, but it's a great loss of today.
    ? Illegal earnings were few in the past years, but today it has become a major role.
    ? Good people were much more in the past, but getting decreasing in today's life.
    ? There were very less toxic people in the past, but there are as many as toxic people at present and its increasing.
    ? A wife and the husband were so loving to each other in the past, but today those loving are not there, instead problems are getting increased.
    ? Speaking the truth was practised in the past, but spreading lies are ascending in today's world.
    ? In the past good people remember the Paradise, but today the Hell remember the toxic and bad peoples.
    ? Bad things were avoided in the past, but today they are the best and intimate friends.
    ? Less sadness, less pains, less stress, less damages, less losses, less worries, and less depressions were faced in the past.
    ? Sadness, pains, stress, damages, losses, worries, and depression has gradually increasing in today's world.
    ? Finally, life was easy in the past, but today the life is totally hard and a difficult task where we have to face endless challenges and disasters.
    By: Dawood ✍
    Written on: 17th March 2022

  7. Thank you God for Make my wish a Reality and Grant it to me with no harm to anyone for my Sake properties and Wealth will come to me forthwith blessings I
    Will Surely See Somote it be. Iam
    Greatful. Iam Blessed. Amen Hallelujah Glory to God Shalom of the Lord. Amen Hallelujah

  8. ? Smiles: In the past years, smiles were treated like the blooming blossoms. Today, smiles are not pretty as in the past because it has toxic included.
    ? Legal earnings: Those who earn legally are the people who always fall into losses and frustrations in life. Moreover, they get punishments for their good acts.
    ? Illegal earners: They are the people who always ascend in life. They never face losses, failure and difficulties in life. Moreover, their life will be an enjoyable one.
    ? Good hearts and minds: These people oftenly face endless difficulties and disasters in their life. They will never be able to come forward in life. They are always punished for their good intentions.
    ? Toxic minds and negative thinking people: These people never fall into trouble. They will never get punishments or pains or even any trouble. They will have a nice and an enjoyable life. Dirty hearts are always benefitted.
    ? Good intentions: If you are with good intentions, you will get destroyed, you will get pains, you will get punishments, you will never be able to lead a happy and a peaceful life. There is no value for good intentions.
    By: Dawood ✍
    Date: 5th April 2022
    Why does thunder and lightning incurs and falls down onto the sky?
    Its because,
    It a warning given for the people who involve themselves into disasters.

  9. Today I got l my moved into my apartment me and my little yorkie. The first day of the rest of my life. Thank you for this video. Thank you lord Jesus Christ for giving me the courage to start my new life ?❤️?

  10. Thank you fearless soul
    Your motivation has made me what I am now
    And I'm really grateful to find this channel
    And I'm really grateful for everything God ? gave me

  11. Please overcome all the difficult times and give yourself a hug I hope you don't leave your precious self alone, which can't be exchanged for anything. You'll do really well. Fighting!