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How it Works - MasteryTV -
How it Works - MasteryTV -

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How it Works - MasteryTV -
How it Works - MasteryTV -

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To be conscious is to be aware.

Profit is a benefit of good business, it’s not the business itself.

Good Business improves the human experience and makes a profit.  Not the other way around.

When a businesses primary purpose is profit, corruption and destruction follows. 

    • 52% of the “strongest” and “largest” companies in the world, The Fortune 500, are extinct within 15 years. 
    • Our rivers, lakes and oceans are poisoned beyond imagination. (Profit before humanity)
    • Our land contains so many chemicals that even organic farms can’t escape them. (Profit before humanity)
    • A baby in the US has more than 200 chemicals in its bloodstream the minute it is born. (Profit before humanity)
    • Social media company knowingly use strategies for addiction to keep users on their apps. (Profit before humanity(
    • The ‘wealthiest’ nation in the world had 249 school shootings in 2021. That’s more than one per school day.  (Profit before humanity)

      This is not a wealthy nation.  

      If we continue to believe that the #1 goal of a company is profit for its shareholders, we are destined to failure as a species.

      The #1 goal of a company is to ecologically improve the human condition while making a profit for its shareholders. If a company can not do both of those things, it’s a complete failure. 

“The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.” – Tony Robbins

Profit-first and profit-only capitalism doesn’t work.

Change must happen and the responsibility for that change rides on the shoulders of entrepreneurs and executives who make decisions about how they run their companies.

We are the engine of the world economy and what we do matters to the well-being of our children, our selves, and our planet. 

We must not only be conscious, we must act consciously.

We can do this together.


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    • You earn Mastery Points when you join for free (50 points).
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    • You earn Mastery Points every time you watch a video (10 points) or comment on a video (5 points). 
    • You earn Mastery Points when you refer someone who visits the site (1 point) and when they become a free Member (50 points).

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