There's a Calling On Your Life, Answer The Call with Les Brown Live – July 16 2018

There's a Calling On Your Life, Answer The Call with Les Brown Live – July 16 2018

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  1. this is what I call the age of the four "C"'s as most of the people i deal with are reactors, they are reactors fueled by controversy, the four "C"'s that fuel them are are enhanced Controversy, elevated conflict, overwhelming consequence that gives them their just cause for Complaint, these energy vampires perpetuate controversy to feed off other peoples reactions to them, so it only makes sense to not invite the vampires in to your holy temple…


  2. Thank you sooooooo much. I love this guy.

    I believe my calling is to do for young people what Les Brown does for me … inspire, motivate and elevate.

    I hope my you tube channel can accomplish that. 😊

  3. Definitely right on time. Mr Brown is Hilarious and so Wise. Yes we MUST watch everything. We MUST be our own advocate. We're just cash cows to the system.

    Thank you Mr. Brown for your transparency, laughter and wisdom. ❤

  4. Subscribed! My hunger by far out weighs what my college education did for me not that I'm minimizing a decent education and my great hunger for music got me through all the other courses!

  5. I’m new to your page but I wanted to say I have heard your voices in other motivational videos but I never knew who you were until the law of attraction guided me to you and here I am taking notes and lessons from you to win and survive at life because I tried to kill my self on November 29,-December 2 and I was in the hospital on Suicide watch and listening to your video made me subscribe and like this video and also I wanted to leave a review because you have 91k followers but I am confused as to why you don’t have over a billion of followers. You are the Beyoncé of my life right now and you have a gift to the world of healing thank you for helping me a this sensitive time. I am going to be a Dr now and go into social service and my root cause of fight is mental health and suicide prevention and I want to save the world one human at a time because God is real and so are you and so is meditation and the law of attraction and the universe is abundant and that is how I found you! Thank you sir, I want to meet you one day and if not the universe will show you the way to come find me I am Dr Shana Hana Jeba and my Instagram is @luxjointz find and say hello! Podcast coming soon!