Best Motivational Speech Compilation EVER #13 – I AM | 30-Minutes of the Best Motivation

Best Motivational Speech Compilation EVER #13 – I AM | 30-Minutes of the Best Motivation

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I AM!! The 13th Ultimate 30-Minute Motivational Speech Compilation is here! These are some of the BEST Motivational Videos you’ll ever hear, featuring powerful I AM speeches from Eric Thomas, Will Hollis, Eddie Truck Gordon and more!
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Eric Thomas:

Ben Lionel Scott:

Eddie Truck Gordon:

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Eric Thomas:

William Hollis:

Barrack Obama
Joel Osteen

Les Brown

Jay Shetty

Peter Dinklage

Eddie “Truck” Gordon

►Creator – Video/Speech Used:

1. I AM – Motiversity / Eric Thomas
(New Video)

2. I AM – Fearless Motivation / Will Hollis

3. Persevere – Ben Lionel Scott

4. If You Feel Pressure – Motivation2Study

5. This is Why Only 1% Succeed – MotivationHub

6. I AM – Eddie Truck Gordon
(video by Motiversity)


I AM – Fearless Motivation

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Really Slow Motion – Mind Games
Really Slow Motion – Who Watches The Heroes
Really Slow Motion – Edge of Eternity

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I AM – Eddie Truck Gordon / Motiversity

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Music by Paul Elhart
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▶Video Sources:

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“Aramis – #GreveDosHomens” by Thiago Cauduro –
“Nike” by Jacques Naude –
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“EXPEDIA – “How Far”” by Brett Harrison –
“What’s Your Gritness_ – True Grit)” by Carlos GUerrero –
“I Am An Athlete” by Carlos GUerrero –
“Muscle Pharm – We are the determined” by Carlos GUerrero –
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“Zagori Water – Shaping Tomorrow” by Akis Polizos –
“Training day” by Florent Ortolé –

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  1. People confuse success with money but that's the devil whispering in your thoughts, successful is when your happy and have a strong relationship with god, he will give everything in this world you deserve just focus on him

  2. Same here! My husband and I were separated for three years he ended up IN CA being homeless and just beaten up by life, God told me to go to him, I literally got him off the streets and into rehab, during those six weeks we got so close and decided to give our marriage another try, he was still in California and I in NY, he left rehab before the three months mark and decided to go back to the woman he was seeing out there, three days after he left rehab he was killed by a drunk driver, on Christmas day 2020! Thete is literally no pain like this, if I didn't know God and found these videos I know I would be the one in rehab now. But after a year of mourning I had to talk to myself, O.K. Simone you got this! I left the job I hated and decided to become a Mental Health Counselor, I started walking and then added weights, then boxing, then kick boxing, feels good to hit something LOL. To God be the glory. You are strong, now stay strong! Wishing you love, joy and peace.💪

  3. This is the type of people I want to surround myself powerful positive mindset and also trying to reach out to the community is time to better ourselves stop thinking small if you're family didn't became a millionaire so what you can do it I had accomplish alot of my goals but I want more I have more goals am working on it lady's and gentlemen your have the in you use to your advantage keep chasing your dreams God has a plan for everyone single one of you God bless you and your family 💖💙🕊️🙏

  4. I felt like a sorry for myself when I was alone and not able to move, then I realized no one was around to give 2 shits,, it was all on me. Prepare for the days when it's only you

  5. It was the most practical and helpful video. Thank you for the good video. It's a good video for people who think they have a weak will. It's an old video, but it helped a lot!