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We built MasteryTV to help entrepreneurs, executives, and experts who are conscious capitalists grow their business and themselves. We know the best way to do that is to promote the influencers and content creators who do the same.

There are hundreds of millions of like-minded conscious capitalists around the world who want to create something that makes a difference.

Accelerating Conscious Capitalism

Capitalism has evolved since its beginnings in trade between villages.

Capitalism is either selfish or giving depending on the ideals of the people who use it. 

There is a massive movement of consciousness underway in society and business is closely following. 

While there have always been businesses that commit to the community, there is now a tipping point where we have an opportunity to make consciousness or caring a primary element in every business model.

How Can We Help You Shine?

Content Creators Michael Sandler | Soul Doctor TV |
Inspire Nation with Michael Sandler
Sandra Bullock Betrayed By The One Person She Trusted | Life Stories by Goalcast
Life Stories

The content you post on YouTube, Vimeo, or other sites will always be free on MasteryTV. 

We also promote your websites and subscriptions to help you grow your business and continue doing the important work you do.

 In addition, we are producing and looking for exclusive content, courses, downloads, and events that will allow us to pay you, even more, using our Mastery Points System. 

Viewers are encouraged to watch, like, comment, and share your content to earn “Mastery Points.”

We recognize those viewers who earn Mastery Points and we pay you when they watch and share your content or gift Mastery Points to you. 

More of this viral system will be revealed as we develop and recruit exclusive content where all content creators will benefit in proportion to their activity. 

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