Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world.

Learn, earn, and grow from world-class experts.

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Are You Ready Take Your Business and Your Life To The Next Level?

The Entrepreneur Community.
Connect. Learn. Motivate. Grow.

Are You Ready Take Your Business and Your Life To The Next Level?

The Entrepreneur Community.

Connect. Learn. Motivate. Grow.

Quality Builds Quality

Built by world-class entrepreneurs who have worked for

Everything You Need to Grow Big


Connect with Entrepreneurs from around the World.

Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs and connect with them in the MasteryTV social network.


Courses, Webinars, Trainings.

We will soon be offering free and premium courses that will help you in every part of your business.

If you have courses you'd like to sell, we can help you with that, too.


Built in Marketing & Personalization

Youniku™, our powerful personalization engine, simplifies your experience based on your actions.


Everyone is Mobile

The entire network will be on an app very soon.

Until then the website is designed mobile-first and is 100% responsive

What People Are Saying

Insane value!

You told me how you do it, but I still can’t believe how high quality the site and support you have. It’s insane value for the money. 

— Debbie “Brie” Higgins

Intuitive and simple

There is so much available that I expected to be confused and overwhelmed but it was so intuitive and simple – much easier than I thought.

— Paul Galter

How in the heck?!

I’m sitting here looking at this site and wonder who came up with this brilliant idea.

— Leslie Crawford

Love the App

I’ve spent a lot of time researching apps, app builders, and app companies. Companies in your price range don’t have this functionality and don’t let you put the app under your brand in the app stores. Amazing.

— Jennifer Pryor

This is my secret weapon

This is not just a social website, it’s a marketing BEAST! The Promoter Program is a one-of-a-kind lead generating machine.

— Dave Williams

You solved everything for us

We needed a place to upload a video to share that wasn’t YouTube because of all the “anti-company” videos that show up around it.  Now we send prospects to MasteryTV with Promoter links and it’s like the network is ours. Thank you guys!

— Jason Domino

Here's What's Inside

Entrepreneurs are Unique

Connect with the Tribe that Understands You

Entrepreneurs are the engine of the world economy, which makes you invaluable to humanity.

This great responsibility and the fact you’re willing to take risks others would never take, makes you and other entrepreneurs, well, weird and wonderful.

Who else but entrepreneurs work days, nights, and weekends ,without immediate income, for a dream?

Who else thinks a half day of work is 12 hours long?

Who else do you know that fails, persists, fails again, and despite family and friends calling you crazy, keeps going?

These are only some of the qualities and values that make entrepreneurs a breed apart and why entrepreneurs need each other. Join your fellow crazies and create connections, make friends, and continue to learn and grow.

Man holding iphone with MasteryTV Social

Social Groups

You can organize into public, private or hidden social groups with separate activity feeds and member listings. 

Social Groups are like having a network within the MasteryTV network. As the Administrator, you always have access to every part of your site.

Content Sharing

Share and receive images, videos, and memes that people want to share on other networks and drastically increase your traffic.

The more people who share the content, the more people you’ll have visiting your site, becoming a member, and sharing it again.  

Events & Meetings

Easily manage live events online and IRL (In Real Life). Sitewide events or Group Only events for the teams within your members. 

The service is a free part of your membership. Group Administrators can email or message the group with alerts and reminders.

Private Messaging

You and your team can create private groups without giving up their personal information to advertisers. 

Because this is one complete system, and not a mashup of multiple services, people can connect, no matter what part of the site they are on – social, video, courses, etc…

Coming Soon

Online Courses, Trainings, and Webinars

Free and Premium courses specific for entrepreneurs and personal development that you can take with you on any device. 

Or add your courses and earn money when other’s buy. Create and sell unlimited online courses and build an additional income stream. 


Customized Courses

Multi-step courses that save where a user left off. Each course can have Sections, Topics, Quizzes, and Assignments to improve learning.

Multimedia courses use video, audio and slide decks. Course creators have unlimited flexibility to create the best experience for your members.

Drip Content

Some courses improve focus and learning with Drip Content. 

This works for Courses, Presentations, and Training that benefits users with immediate action steps after each lesson.


Earn official certificates based on course completion, quiz performance, or both. 

Course creators can deliver printable and frameable certificates.


You can view and download you course progress and quiz results.

MasteryTV Video Network

Surround Yourself with Success

Jim Rohn is famous for saying, “you become the combination of the five people you spend the most time with. Your humor, your talents, your knowledge, your values, your character, and your income are probably pretty close to those five people.

MasteryTV can be one of your five. 

  • 2000+ original and curated videos for entrepreneurs and students of personal development.
  • Choose daily, twice weekly, or weekly video alerts to keep you motivated
  •  Upload your own videos and share anywhere
  • Create channels, playlists and get more followers

When you or your team shares your videos on MasteryTV they won’t get distracting or anti-company videos all around it.

They will get surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit and videos that will motivate them to take action. 

World-Class Experts

Below are just some of the experts whose content can be viewed and shared by MasteryTV Members.


Have you ever heard a speech that moved you to take action?

We have hundreds of motivational mashups that take the best speeches ever made and puts them to awe-inspiring video.

We’ve curated the highest quality videos that are 3 minutes to 15 minutes long, that will put shivers down your spine and tears in your eyes and fuel in your engine.


Motivation leads to knowledge and skill development Our experts teach people skills, organization skills, time management skills, and much more. We’ve curated the highest quality content from around the world.

Your Own Channels

Your can create your own channels where you can mix your company videos with videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion that are highly targeted to your audience. 

Your channel will be the go-to place for your customers, employees, and vendors — all surrounded by your branded videos. 

Health & Wellness

Wellness is something that everyone wants. Wellness gives you freedom and an unparalleled joy.

You can get the web’s highest quality and most popular videos on health and wellness. You can also add your own videos and get featured among the world’s best with our Promoter Program.

New Discoveries

Your can create your own channels where you can mix your company videos with videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion that are highly targeted to your audience. 

Your channel will be the go-to place for your customers, employees, and vendors — all surrounded by your branded videos. 

Psychology Rules!

We've Made It Addictive to Grow Your Business

“Babies cry for it; men die for it. It’s not money or fame or even a shared common mission. What people want most is genuine recognition.”  — Tom Wood

You can work toward goals and earn points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates, and achievements.

Small rewards generate big results over time. Give yourself a sense of mastery, autonomy, progress and purpose.

And get what we all truly want most – genuine recognition for results worth accomplishing.


You can earn official certificates based on course completion, quiz performance, or both. 

You can share or download and print your certificates for framing.


Stay motivated by seeing your rank and how close you are to the next rank. 

Watch where you are on the leaderboard and set goals to improve. 


In between each Rank is a series of achievements that are easier to reach. By focusing on the small, simple steps to get an achievement, you will find yourself earning ranks and learning faster than you ever thought possible.

Stay engaged and experience the camaraderie the builds when you connect with like-minded people. 


Each Achievement has different rewards.

The most popular reward is MasteryCoins that you can use for free and big discounts on courses.

Other rewards include points to use for one-on-one coaching with MasteryTV Experts or live group calls for your team.


Sell your courses to your target market

Our membership consists of entrepreneurs, executives, and students of personal development, wellness, fitness, and the rest of our content categories.


Create residual revenue streams by charging monthly, quarterly or yearly for your courses, masterminds, and private coaching. Create multiple subscription plans and get a simple check-outs that make it easy for users to purchase. 



If you want to offer more than digital products with a simple check-out, you can set up a full shopping cart for physical products. Upsell, downsell, one-time offers and more are available to help maximize sales.

One-time Purchases

If you don’t want to charge subscriptions, you can charge one-time fees easily.

This can be used for digital downloads, courses, masterminds, private coaching classes you sell.

You can also offer a “Lifetime Plan” where members pay a large fee for access with no renewals. 

Automated Funnel Marketing & User Engagement

A full funnel system that moves visitors to customers and from customers to raving fans is built right into the system.

You don’t even have to know how we do it, but if you want to see we have it right here.

Convenience from Anywhere

Get It All... Anywhere

We designed the platform so it can quickly become a mobile app that is updated as the website is updated, so you can take your experience anywhere.

Note: We will launch the app when our membership gets big enough to support it. The app will be in the Apple and Google app stores under your brand account, not ours.

Instant Access Everywhere

Just like the website, everything is under your control. When you save update content on your website, it is updated in the app simultaneously and visa-versa.


Native iOS and Android

The app is native in iOS and Android. You can download it from the App store, but to get full access you must be have a code from someone who recommended you.

Classes on the Fly

Take your classes anywhere, all over the world and earn certificates and points that give you additional benefits.

Learn about start-up finance while you’re on the train or keep motivated every day with a 10 minute Motivational Mashup or bring entrepreneurship to another country with all the courses and videos ready for multi-lingual support. * Coming soon


Real-Time Sync with the Website

Online users can engage with app users and each see updates as they happen. 

Send messages and alerts to the app and see your open and click rates rise.  

Lead Generation

Every Tool in the Shed

Join the MasteryTV Promoter Program and the leads that visit the site from your link are your leads. We live and breath marketing and lead generation so you can do what you do best and add more revenue to the bottom line.


Promoters can use proven landing pages with interesting quizzes for your audience. Quizzes that are targeted, light, and fun work best.


Personality Tests

Do you have the personality to succeed in working from home?  What’s your success personality?

These and other tests are available for Promoters to offer potential customers.


Polling people about current events or emotional subjects give your prospects a way to express themselves. You can use the polls to find out more about your prospects and personalize your story to reach them.

We Do the Follow-Up

All the details of a member’s actions are stored in our built-in CRM so everything is up to date. Our personalization engine, Yuniku, will send the right email or text at the right time to get the best response from your leads.


Live and recorded webinars are one of the best tools for creating rapport and driving sales. Zoom is built into group pages so you can gather your team or your prospects at no extra charge 


Social Proof

The psychology of social proof says that the more people we see buying something, the more we tend to want it too.

Your site has subtle and effective pop-ups on the bottom of the screen to show who else joined or purchased something.

Live Chat - Multiservice

Chat live with people on your site or let our autobot answer for you when you’re not available. You don’t have to choose which messenger service to use because they are all integrated into one chat for you.


Your site is designed from the start optimized for high ranking in search engines. You can also have us work on your SEO daily to improve your natural rankings on top keywords over time.

Auto Contact Management

Automatically Keep Track of Your Contacts and Leads

Most CRMs track email opens and link clicks. We track everything.


Your main contact database syncs with what each contact enters in the social profile.

Each contact has your basic fields, like name, email, phone, etc. And if you have a unique field you want to track, like spouse’s name or a field you added in a poll or quiz, you can add unlimited custom fields.



We automatically tag your contacts when they do anything on your site including: 

page visits, videos watched, length of video watched, current funnel, number of times in each funnel, cart visits, carts abandoned, products viewed, time on site, number of times returned to a page, and much more…

We put this data into an algorithm that gives each visitor a Lead Score. 

Lead Score

Each tag adds or subtracts a number to each contact giving them a number we call Lead Score.

You can adjust the algorithm to your specific needs. You can also automatically send administrators alerts when a contact reaches a specific score, and automatically add that lead to a new funnel. 

Lead Pipelines

You can create unlimited pipelines to track contacts through phases of the buying process.

For example, new leads can be added to the first step in the new leads pipleline.  When they email you they can be moved to step 2 and when you talk on the phone you can move them to step 3.  This helps you focus on the leads most likely to purchase, saving you time and making you more effective.

Auto-Booking Calendar

When it’s time for you and your contact to connect, you can send them to your calendar and they can pick an open time. Once it’s confirmed, the system sets up a zoom meeting (optional), sends confirmation to both attendees, and sends text and email alerts if anything changes and before the event so everyone can can be on time. 


Text and Email Broadcasts

You can send a text or email broadcast to any segment of your contacts or to everyone. Each broadcast can be personalized with any field in the contact’s profile.

For example, if your contact has a spouse, you can add the spouse’s name in any sentence.  If the contact gave you their birthday, you can automate personalized Happy Birthday emails or texts. 

Add-ons for Digital Marketers

Advanced Marketing Tools

Digital Marketers have advanced tools to tweak their marketing efforts.


For site admins, we’ve simplified funnels without losing flexibility and power. 

Your funnels will stay in touch with your prospects with different emails, and texts depending on their actions. All while you work with those who are ready to take action now.


Affiliate Program

If you want to pay people for bringing someone to the site who purchases subscriptions, courses, or products, you can turn on this feature with a click. 

You can use the default setup that makes it very simple to use or you can modify just about everything if you want to customize it to your liking.

Facebook and Google Ads

Add your Facebook pixel and your Google ad tracking and you’ll be able to more effectively advertise to people who have already been on your site.


Google Analytics

Analyze your ads using Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics.  Discovering what headlines, images, copy, and placement make you a much more effective advertiser.

Forensic Leads

Every visitor leaves a trace of who they are and where they’re from, even if they don’t give you their email address. Our Forensic Lead Technology captures anonymous visitors and adds their name, email, and other information that is available on the web. 

You can use this data to target ads to them on Google and social networks or personalize the site for them the next time they visit.  


Content Marketing

Your blog is available for you to make announcements, share stories, make recommendations, and much more. 

We also give you and your team content that’s proven to be effective in creating interest when shared on other social networks. 

Jam Packed With Value

We Make Everything Easy

We replace 12 separate applications and make it all work on one site.

Simple & Affordable

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  • Create Playlists
  • Comment and Rate
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Complete Social and Unlimited Basic Courses
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Promoter Program

Attraction Marketing Professional
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