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This is How You Grow

The super-duo of David Riklan and Mark Porteous created one of the most powerful active joint-venture directories I’ve found.

I asked these superheroes of mine if they could offer something special for MasteryTV as we relaunched and I’m blown away at their generosity and kindness. 

They are offering $3000+ of value to us, free for 90 days. 

Here’s their limited-time offer for MasteryTV Subscribers:

    • A Free 90-Day Trial 
    • A Reduced Price Before the Trial Ends
    • A Free Live Monthly Training
    • Four Comprehensive Training Programs on Joint Ventures  
    • A Referral Reward for Sending Others

I’m thankful for the brilliant and talented people who turnwd David and Mark’s vision into a reality. They did an amazing job. 

And I’m forever grateful for the generosity, love, and kindness that David and Mark have always offered, not just me, but everyone they do business with.

I have a special trust with David Riklan, the founder of Self-Growth.com 

When MasteryTV went through its darkest days we lost our merchant account, our licensing deals, our web host, our email marketing service, and just about everything else. 

The only thing of value we had was our list of subscribers. 

I called David and asked if he would hold our subscriber list and send out emails to it until we were ready to relaunch. 

At that time it would have cost us $1500/mo to hold and email a list that size. To pay David I offered for him to market to the list at any time.

But he said there was no need. I could email the list any time and when I was ready, we could have the list back to put on our own service. 

David, with an abundance mentality and strength of character, is a big reason MasteryTV survived. It’s my privilege to promote a service that he and Mark Porteous created.

As always, we inform you when we receive an affiliate fee, which we do with the JV Directory.