The Power of Expectation

The Power of Expectation

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Summary below! This is Brendon freestyle, without notes or prompter. Get mp3/transcript of this episode: …

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  1. We need more people like you in this world! You are so motivating and an amazing role model, ever since I read the motivation manifesto and watched your videos I have made some great changes in my life! Thank you for your encouragement and positivity Brendon

  2. Dear Brendon,

    great again !!!
    One littel note:

    in Buddhism giving up all hope´s and expectations doesn´t mean, you don´t expect the outter world to function anymore or be incredibly surprised every time your digestion works. It simply means that all our concepts are standing between us and enlightenment. Or even better as long as we think of our hopes and fears we don´t experience the present moment and are literally not living to our full potential. So we say: embrace every moment, no matter what it brings…