“SENSORY NEUROITES” Heart's Hidden Language

“SENSORY NEUROITES” Heart's Hidden Language

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  1. Science always acting like it’s discovered something new that’s never before been known before. White people will definitely be taking credit for this “new discovery” too. ????

  2. I have learned the language of the heart and soul…it's a profound and unique world. Difficult to put into words in the physical dimension . ❤

  3. The heart is the spiritual doorway. Jesus points to the heart, and to the sky – you know what he's saying. Seance (that's how "science" is truly spelled) is going to spin this, of course, into strict materialism, and sell you drugs and trans-humanism. This vid just promoted mrna for a sec when it spoke of what research went into this. Just ask God. Simple. Ask God to heal you too.

  4. Politics scool tv are to make your heart sick programs the gif are only negative vibration means low makes you sick ????invisble killing trick like prison cell no schumann for your hearts or brain????nazi party old scool trick low iq dont know ????

  5. Oh yeah most definitely, I have known through my intuitional self; about these facts for a long time now… Namaste ???? for sharing this video for others to gain more knowledge upon this information… Blessings to All ????♥️????????????????️????♥️

  6. These colonies of neural cells in the heart are not that new of a finding. We've known for almost ten years about the brain isn't alone. THe heart and the gut have neral capacities that are being mapped. I'm a Cardiac, Solid Organ Transplant RN. I know the O.R. like the back of my hand. My start was in ICU/CCU. We studied in school and then in our work setting classes w experience confirmed that certain myocardial infarction survivors have profound dysphoria, crying and sadness for no apparant reason, just spontaneously looking like clinical depressions. I moved to a teaching hospital where I took care of a lady with broken heart syndrome and another with post partum cardiomyopathy. Both conditions cause a rapid enlarging of the entire heart muscle as if it were bown p like a balloon and stretched out the muscles to where they couldn't contract hard enough to pump blood. And that is the deadly part, it's like elastic in the waist band that's lost it's elasticity and just barely stretches. Our bodies are miracles most people take for granted.

  7. Each organ of our body also has its own memory bank autonomous & Non autonomous, which is interlinked with other organ, CNS.

    It will not be wrong to say that even each cell of type of cell also has its independent memory. Though, it's seems to be complex, but a reality.

    Lack of synchronisation among each system,subsystem's memory lead to diseases, discomfort etc etc.

    India system of chakra and Koshas further clarify n explin the whole in details.

  8. I ask a doctor,,is there another brain in the heart? I told him 30 years ago a wise man told me that the heart has a brain that controls emotions…Doctor ( heart specialist) told me no…..