Our Role In Evolution | Neale Donald Walsch

Our Role In Evolution | Neale Donald Walsch

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Why are we here on this planet? This is a beautiful question addressed by the one and only, Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God book series.

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It’s easy to become confused about our life’s purpose by all the negative and disheartening news from around the world. It’s also easy to mistake on the idea that we’ve reached our peak evolution through humanity’s rapid technological advancements.

Believe it or not, we are still in our infancy and there’s still room to grow and evolve.

This talk delivered by Neale Donald Walsch at Mindvalley Reunion San Diego 2018, dives deep into the fundamental questions of life. Let’s begin to accelerate not only our personal evolution but also change the world for the better by taking the time to understand our role in evolution.

If you’re looking to understand your role here on earth, give this talk a listen. It will shift your entire paradigm.

Because we are all much more than we think.

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  1. Life didn't evolve. It was evidently designed and created. Perfectly. We are not all lost in circles on a planet in outer space from a big bang. WE are awakening now to the bold truths of our existence here in this amazing realm. They have hidden the true God and the truth of who we really are. Rethink EVERYTHING.

  2. Actually, no. There are parasites doing that. People are generally Good. It's the GOVERNMENT that sets up war, and ongoing suffering…..
    Remove the parasites, and stop blaming the people. The people are sleeping yes, but people are generally Good.

  3. So do we never know ourselves if this is an eternal cycle? That could be highly depressing for some. Has to be more and brighter outcomes than live, die, repeat.

  4. I'm curious to know.. The "god" he has had conversations with.. Was it the almighty that everyone believes in.. Or jesus. Son of God. That many Christians pray to or address.. Instead of the almighty God??

  5. Rupert Murdoch, Owner of Fox News has Publically/on Film, stated:
    "We are an Opinion News Group, we don't send Reporters all over to interview folks."
    – Available in his Bio-Documentary available here on YouTube.

    Opinion = Commentary
    Thus the "Entertainment News" Venue.
    His statement is his "trump card" for any potential Lawsuits. (Pardon the Pun)

  6. I don't believe we we are a self destructive species!!! We have been censored to death by a tiny number of individuals!
    Sorry I won't take on the bad behaviour of the few and call it my own. Sorry Neal.

  7. Some Christians believe that a god that doesn't believe in hell is actually the devil seems indeed to good to be true…. But it would be cool if there isn't a hell… xd

  8. 53:33
    "The whole ball of wax was nutso …I didn't get it! … I finally sat down when I had my first conversation with God, and I begged God, 'Come on, come on! If you're God, then clarify it!Help me out here! What does it take to make life work here?'

    "I remember sitting on the couch at four o clock in the morning, crying out: 'What do you want from me?! What don't I get here?!'

    "And God said: 'Neal, It's really very simple…."

  9. The 4 questions we have to answer everyday

    Who am I
    Where am I
    Why am I where I am
    What do I intend to do about that

    I love my spiritual journey … Learning everyday

  10. Прийдёт время и Нила Дональда Уолша церковь возведет в ранг ,,святых,,. А все , что написано в книге, подтвердится. Книга станет практически новой Библией.