Eckhart Tolle Special Live Teaching | Conscious Manifestation

Eckhart Tolle Special Live Teaching | Conscious Manifestation

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Thank you for joining in on Eckhart Tolle’s first live stream here on YouTube!

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Learn more about the Conscious Manifestation Course: An 8-week online course to fulfill your highest purpose & create from the fullness of being. Get on the waitlist.

“Manifestation can only be satisfying and truly effective when it arises out of the Being state of consciousness.”
—Eckhart Tolle

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  1. What a nice podcast, it resonates so with me, in the stage where I am now in. I am struggling now with all my learned lessons that I am not able to share with someones else and that makes me lonely and isolated. I tend to seek for harmony with others but I also feel restricted to myself because I am easily misunderstood. My soulmate died in 2014, and I miss him because I think that he is the person who would have listened and tried to understand, without judging. I hope to find someone who I can relate to in this level. But otherwise I have to accept that others are not so far and that I have to practice in 'letting go'. Focus on healing myself.

  2. You're good. 🙂 But how good? Good enough? Now forget your name, voice…who said that? That was you but not you. Oh. Don't listen, just feel the sound..on your tongue..hehe XxoOoxX

  3. Gratitude, seeing such critical criticism,great honest attempts. Using the time to do such Devine. I'm Happy for greedy administration in you.. now I will produce results…of blossom. Thank. Rest. Let's breathe.,.we are wind. XxoOoxX

  4. This should be titled “explanation of everything”… I listened to this probably 25 times and just heard it NOW…what do you say., ah. Ok… uh that’s about it roiled up and presented as clear s it could get…thank you Eckhardt…

  5. Dear Mr. Tolle, would you please give me an unsolvable answer???
    I heard there was many religion in Africa. Can we die for their religion instead of the Vatican???

  6. The things I say wrong with the world is people consuming large amounts of meat cows and calves are getting slaughtered chickens and turkeys and nobody gets it and there’s long lines and all those burger places with people demand to eat flesh is bad for the environment the animals suffer I don’t have to turn on the TV all I have to do is drive down the street and then I’m very upset about people running over animals in the streets like for for instance here where I live the Canadian geese tried to cross the street and because everybody’s driving in a frenzy pleasure seeking obsessed they’re running him over and leaving him injured or dead on the side of the road many times I had to go catch injured birds call from injured geeseI see a lot of bad things I don’t see any good things

  7. My heartfelt respect ? to you Mr. Tolle ! I listen to your words again and again ! It is so clear very peaceful to listen to you! Thank you ? so much downloading this video on YouTube. Thanks! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  8. MY MASTER ECKHART TOLLE I little ghetto Jamela loves dancing forever. I share my pain and pleasure with you…. Thank you for healing my mind body and spirit ❤️????️??????✌️???????????? I'm schizophrenic and bipolar and I love it. I'm currently in mental hospital where I'm treated wonderfully by both staff and patients. I'm now electrified with love so let me go and share it. Love you forever My MASTER ECKHART TOLLE. We don't believe in karma just forgiveness….I'll go and listen to music now. Your sorrow is mine and your happiness is mine….Thank you again my Master… From little jamela Bule✌️???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. I could listen to eckhart all day. So meaningful and very true. Very calming and very powerful….thank you….with love, and gratitude to all ?

  10. Very much enjoy these lectures that I'm so incredibly disappointed that now they are now littered with commercials BLASTING into my ears just as I becomes relaxed and meditative. ?

  11. Dear Eckart, no podemos separar el mundo del cesar( lado horizontal de la cruz) con el SER. Si has estado inconsciente durante X años, que normalmento son muchos, necesitas arreglar todo lo que inconscientemente has provocado, eso supone necesitar manifestar por lo que el mundo del cesar se mueve, eso es Basicamente, dinero. Has creado durante ese tiempo de insconscincia una familia, que normalmente está inconsciente, y por tu inconsciencia pasada, lo va a pasar mal en el momento presente. No se si me explico bien. NO puedes decidir, voy a estar presente todo el tiempo que pueda, y si dejo sin hogar, sin comida, sin ropa, etc a mi familia, no pasa nada, al menos estaré presente. Está claro que es absolutamente secundario, pero la cruz, es un todo completo, Vertical y horizontal. Si me hubiera pillado este conocimiento como a usted, solo y sin cargas, seguramente podría estar en un parque dos años, pero mi momento presente es siempre, y a traves de él me vienen pagos de todo tipo, deudas, obligaciones, etc. Muchas gracias.

  12. thank you so much Eckhart for these clear teachings, I feel like I am able to be a better person to other people, less reactive, more pleasant to be around. Some days my ego rises up and wants to cause a drama, but I have become very aware of it and able to just observe it until it settles down. But its a strange old thing this life… often so many moments of just pure pointlessness. I'm only here because my parents made me exist, but I'm here, and I'll make the most of it by being kind and not spreading any harm onto anyone else like they have spread onto me. I am an energy converter, any negative energies when they hit me get converted to light and positivity! that will be my purpose, and to help others to be creative!

  13. I have been following the teachings of Eckhart Tolle since 2013 after going through a shocking and painful divorce at 27 years-old, which shook "my world" and reality as I knew it. All of a sudden, I was alone in the US, without family and friends – I had very little emotional support and had to learn how to rebuild "my life" on my own. The loneliness and disorientation I felt were intense, Eckhart Tolle's teachings was all I had, so I leaned into it heavily, listening to it every day in my solitude and finding comfort in his voice and in the truth I sensed in his teachings. 9 years later, after a difficult journey of uncovering a lot of unconsciousness (the divorce was just the beginning) my life has transformed – I remarried a wonderful man who is kind, loving, patient and we practice spirituality and work on our unconsciousness together, I have started my dream and vision of becoming a spiritual wellbeing coach with a focus on Eckhart's teachings, and my dream of moving to Portugal is finally coming true. I don't want to focus on the "outer layer" only and don't want to give the impression that life is now perfect, we all know this is not the nature of reality. There is still unconsciousness, but more often than not I am aware of it shortly after, so I'm able to let go and not create suffering. I continue to practice presence since I know anything I experience in the world of form is temporary and will eventually dissolve – I want to be cautious not to develop strong attachments to the world of form after manifesting the life that I always wanted. I felt the truth in my bones in everything that Eckhart teaches, but to have put it to the test (how he says it himself), and to now experience and see the truth for myself has been transformational – it has deepened my presence and trust in it, and it is incredibly liberating to feel connected to source throughout normal daily life. Thank you, Eckhart.. I am infinitely and forever grateful for your teachings.