Warren Buffett’s Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS (MUST WATCH)

Warren Buffett’s Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS (MUST WATCH)

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Warren Buffet gives extraordinary advice on how to live your life. Follow this wisdom and you will be a better person. Absolutely fascinating motivational speech by the Richest Men Alive, Warren Buffet. I hope you enjoy and learn a great lesson. Please Like for more videos, it shows me you all enjoy the videos 🙂

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  1. Social Security is the biggest scam of USA. I will take 13% of your income, for the next 40 years and pay you a rate of return of .25%, while printing unlimited amounts of money ,eroding your purchasing power by a real average inflation rate of 4-6 % per year. Then I will steal that money from the same program designed for you benefit. FU Buffett, your living in a 1950s dream world.

  2. You are a Brilliant man and so intelligent, incredibly rich, and yet you have still managed to keep your Empathy?. What happened??? Much Respect I give to you as you have Certainly earned it!!!

  3. Great speech. I like it all and mainly his first comments to take care of your health and not waiting until your 50. I've taken care of my health and am a senior and feel incredible and same weight as when I was 19. It's not rocket science. It is slow suicide to ignore your health your whole life and figure you can just go to he doctor if you need something. That is insanity. I studied alternative health for the last 30+ years and am blessed from the knowledge. The old sick people can't buy good health and suffer a lot. Wake up and do your homework on how to be healthy and invest your time into it. Not just a google the odd time. I lot of people my age really suffer from poor health, while I enjoy my health all day long and am not a saint with my health.

  4. Good to hear Buffett's voice without seeing his face. I like the twist. Makes you really focus on his words. Others would be wise to follow this format. Much more powerful.

  5. First show up for success. Then plan and strategize while showing up. Don’t deny opportunity because of pay or worth, deny it if you can level up from the opportunity either with education, good pay, or meeting different people.
    Warren Buffett is a fascinating human, almost an alien but always reminding us how human he is.

  6. This man who all claim so rich is actually the poorest. I know I'm jealous, resentful, know I'm wiser than most and soon the day will come when trillionaires throw all the gold in the streets and not even the lowest will go for it. You'll see very soon so start laying treasures up in heaven not in a world that will soon pass away. TY Jesus

  7. With more and more wealth creation , technical advancement , automation and global labor competition so many will be left behind. Capitalism is great but to have fair and just society will require in form, some amount of socialism. Can we all agree on this ? Or is the stigmatism of that word too great for lesser minds to overcome ?

  8. This is really a great video, but as for me i make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Juan Susan, her trading strategies are top notch

  9. These billionaires should put there money where there mouth is. He talks it up like this all the time. The poor man talk, its BS, he still sits on billions.

  10. Here is the problem. He means well but he supports democrats. What do they do? They take from the middle class hard worker, who spent his money, effort and time getting relevant degrees in fields he may not love, and they give it to the losers who got a degree in art history and can't get employed. They don't take it from Amazon and the likes. As a republican, I am not saying Amazon really owes its profits to be redistributed. But if you can't take it from Amazon, don't take it from the median wage worker who had to put in unpaid time and tuition from his pocket to earn a living wage

  11. in 2021, this video is about 4 years old. How come the professional youtubers don't understand that the time the speaker said those words are important enough to mention?

  12. Happiness is the only thing money can't buy. Keep that in mind when reading nonsense from 'spiritual (money-grubbing) gurus' here in the comments.

  13. Nina turner is alive and touch down verified by norad ft Peterson norad and has been endemdified to 11-12-2015 living standards. Major Viper white house covert president of the United States 111542.

  14. We have got a wonderful system and will in the future unless the Left and Biden and Pelosi don't screw it up. The Socialist Dems could really screw the whole thing up real good.

  15. The more I age the more I realize money is nothing more than an exchange of currency. Having money is pointless in life as long as you have the basic needs and are content with yourself and those around you. There's happy people who live in shacks, and happy people who live in mansions. The material world around them means little in retrospect. Think back to the happy times in your life and can you remember the clothes you wore or the money you had in your bank account? No, but you do remember how you felt and the good memories you received from the experiences. Thankfully, those will remain with us forever, but not material possessions.

  16. You have a wonderful system if you are American, and even then that is far from exact as you pointed out… Contradictions all over, beyond the "we care about all" narrative.

  17. What gets me is u talk about I.Q. level & those left out of changing skills to keep up. I think u better go to 3/4th of our rural countries population & you'll find they don't need your brain power to measure success when the farmer never had to evolve to feed his family & enjoy what God provides……Not mankind's self confessed brilliance. Can't eat that technology or feit $.
    It's always the self professed smart folks that think the world revolves around them. Always a new gadget or whatever u must have. So much living is lost chasing the next new thing.

  18. Bernie Sanders just wrote a letter to WF and asked him to treat the employees of one of his company nicer as apparently the terms on these employees were tough and the employees were protesting. WF said "it's not my job". Did he just talk about taking responsibilities for the disadvantaged group of people in the society? He doesn't seem to live up to his own words. If you can't treat your own employees right, what's the point of running around the world to do philanthropy???