This song is for the so called “EXTREMISTS”

This song is for the so called “EXTREMISTS”

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Written and Performed by “The Julianno”

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Music composed by Patrick Rundblad for Fearless Motivation

Footage from various sources online, including The Real Rukshan:

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#Freedom #Extremists #Revolution

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  1. Awesome video, thanks for sharing. As oxygen is important for us to breathe, freedom is important for us too. The purpose of our life in this world is to work for ourselves as we wish, not to satisfy the desires of others. Specially for people whom our lives are of no value at all.

  2. Wtf… This song is good but the people in the background don't know what are true diktaktur is….
    Our freedom is in danger bcs people like this don't understand they only follow their own freedom and give a fuck to another's!!!!

  3. These videos never fail to amaze me!!! As long as we stay on this path of riotousness we shall overcome and persue any and all dreams we set forth to achieve!!! Always believe, always stay strong. Remember it always works out in the end!!!

  4. In Brazil we have a president that is still fighting to protect our freedom.
    Even with the press, artists and the supreme court telling lies every day about the president of the republic, millions of Brazilians support him, because we know he is the only one who is fighting against a system that wants to take our freedom.
    Bolsonaro is his name and the best presidente of Brasil ??

  5. Extremists/terrorism, terrorists is terns created by governments. The tv media, government projects only lies and fear. Government with tv media control is a terrorist organization. Why else would government always promote terror, terrorism, at sane time, trying to take ppls rights of self defense away?. Anyone that's observant would realize, government has been nothing but constant lying, ghoev8ng hypocrites and fully forfills the deffinition of satans character that the bible speaks of.

  6. I didn’t realise how scared I’ve felt . The last few years the australian people have had to endure so much. I love this country, I love the people, and I have always felt safe. But then the bullets were being fired, children were forced to be vaccinated, parents had no say. Places of worship had to close their doors , and we were gagged by msm from giving a comment. The narrative was intentional, we were put into two groups, vax or no vax, instead of the reality, freedom of choice. It’s like I’ve been holding my breath , I just didn’t realise until this . Two thing’s I will never forget 1, people being shot. , I felt fear that day, for the first time in my life. That’s not my AUSTRALIA 2. People being physically pushed out of the one place they needed so much, places of worship. It feels like we are livestock being sorted into groups, first by state, then vax or no vax, multicultural and Bondi, . Politicians sueing people, Joel jammal for speaking at a protest $30 k, having lost his father, the freedom of choice truck, $30k, both young men are in their 20’s, and both behaving with integrity and respect.
    THANKYOU for this video
    Debbie NSW

  7. Thank you som much for this song! True, but sad and positive motivate in this same time… It will be used soon in my new movie ? I hope this song will change this world… I wish…