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A Network Marketing Wake Up Call

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  1. Excellent! I remember seeing a video clip of Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cower just before the Steelers played one of their Super Bowl games. His message to his players, "Your best is good enough!" Same message here. We don't need to over-hype the products, the opportunity, anything. We've already seen how the feds will close up companies that (perhaps) over-sell their wares / biz-opp. It's "good enough" for us to talk about what we CAN do for people (and have already done for customers and team members), and not make sky-high promises of what MIGHT be possible. Again, both in terms of products – and opportunity.

  2. Thanks for your great comments, I have been in this Industry for 8 years and I agree it is challenging to work beside the hype…but in the end the it is the cheapest way to fail and cheapest way to start…

  3. if 100000000 people are involved worldwide wont we run out of people once they get to their 3rd generations. or is it the 99% failure rate that stops it from growing to the size of the worlds population too fast. the system would not work if everyone succeeded, correct?

  4. Thank You Mr. Eric. It’s perfect video for Every India ?? People. You know billions of people did MLM in USA & other countries but It’s new For my Country.
    Again thank You So Much For this Video.

  5. nice video Eric worre as u given valuable information for as a beginner wht are challenges we face and how we should mould towards network marketing thank u so much

  6. Best network marketing opportunity available for interested people on part time basis! Earn weekly and monthly. WhatsApp +233-244084844 for more information

  7. There's a lot of mythes and misperceptions about the industry. People think all different kinds of things. But the fact remains simply this. Most entrepreneurs start out in Network marketing. Even if they go onto doing different things later on. Still; at least 50% of entrepreneurs have done MLM in one form or another.

  8. People are complicated, if it wasn’t for that there would be more wealthy families out there. Not to mention people have a corporate mindset and a good mindset is a huge attribute to have when you’re in this field. ?‍♂️

  9. The wake up call as far as MLM is concerned, DON"T TOUCH ANY OF IT. The industry is poison, it boasts a 97-99% failure rate, 100% in quite a few cases, not a glowing resume' for financial success! The scab above teaches from the side lines and unfortunately reality is a cruel master as it appears he has been investigated for 'unethical business practices' in his past, sounds like fraud in layman terms and also mentioned in several media reports, not in a very flattering way with subtle claims of wrong doing, nothing proven of course but…where there is smoke! These people are pond life who exploit and live well from others, they prey on the slow witted, the desperate and the unwary, parasites on society who smile often, all the way to the bank, with your money while you live on a shallow hope and the inference that you may 'make it big' one day soon, with their help, once you pay and subscribe, however it will not happen…..ever! Their script lines and rhetoric are all similar, it insults basic intelligence so don't be fooled most MLM is pyramid selling with the word SCAM attached, it manufactures or produced NOTHING and these parasites are part of it! Even Trump and some of his family have been sued for their involvement in various MLM 'business opportunities' and have distanced themselves from all of them! That should ring alarm bells immediately!