THIS IS WHY YOU FAIL – Most Inspirational Study Motivation (2018)

THIS IS WHY YOU FAIL – Most Inspirational Study Motivation (2018)

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This is one of the most uplifting and inspiring motivational videos ever! Yoda said it best when Luke said “I don’t believe it” he responded, “That is why you fail.”


Keshav Bhatt

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The first video is called “Lyon Apprentice – I Will Find You” by Hanley –
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  1. " you want the secret it's called the work , do not get confused here, you have to work to match the ambition coming out of your mouth."
    It touches me .

  2. wow…. it's so nice to hear and so understandable thank you it's very motivational video I think not even teachers understand us like this I'm very pleased to watch this Jajakallah.

  3. lot of thanks this video.which is improve my mind.I found some kind of very important thin in this video.that's apply to my own direction finally again lot of thank u.

  4. What is the name of this music in audiojungle?it's so inspiring!!!! Especially your voice combined with this music. I hear this particular video everyday. The words are ringing in my head everytime. I am seeing changes in myself. Thank you.

  5. But I'm so motivated and I try so hard but I'm stuch with average grades, I wake up at 5am and study till 6.30am cause I need to get to school, and then I get home at 5pm and work from 5.30pm till 8.30pm, what more does life want from a 13 year old girl, it's the worst when you actually try hard but dont do the best?

  6. For me it’s with school
    I work soooo hard for hours before school and after school but I still get marks I’m not happy with.
    Hearing this makes me more motivational to keep trying hard.

  7. I've always been one of the top or if not the top student in highschool but college is really screwing me over and making me lower my standards and my self confidence by 100%. I'm studying REALLY hard but I still can't figure out why I still end up with average scores in little tests and quizzes; it feels really weird being the average, underachiever in class . If only I could figure out what I'm doing wrong :-

  8. I got my physics grade today and I failed, I worked so hard on it.. Thank you for the video it’s really motivating, I will come back to this comment at the end of the semester when I pass.