BAD DAY? 3 Mindset Tricks to Get Positivity Back

BAD DAY? 3 Mindset Tricks to Get Positivity Back

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  1. I love this video…. so simple and powerful at the same time! I have started writing (following your advice) and while its been challenging but i am seeing the results and power of putting words, feelings, thoughts on paper. So THANK YOU! I now have two more writing tools to leverage watching this video!

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  3. 1)If ur friend go through this then what would u ask him to do first?
    2)new chaper: if I start all over again what should I do. It's help u to shift focus from past to future.
    3) buy a ticket: take ur friends with u. Socialise.

  4. First – I don’t know why 34 people would ever hit “don’t like” – what’s offensive or unhelpful about anything Brendon said? He’s trying to give advice to help you for crying out loud! Second – I can relate to “buy tickets” – I remember seeing Les Miserables after a brutal 6 month stretch as a medical resident, without a single day off from the hospital, totally stressed and exhausted when I entered the theater, and how enthralled and rejuvenated I was afterward! Just what the doctor ordered!

  5. You are like an energizing agent for me Brendon. Whenever I am demotivated or frustrated you bring my mind to the track again . You , the Greatest counsellor I have ever come across.
    Love u Brendon ????

  6. Watched a couple of Videos today but never heard of buying Tickets i think this might work, i will definitely try it this is some new persperctive greetings from germany