The Rules of Game-Changers | Robin Sharma

The Rules of Game-Changers | Robin Sharma

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In this episode, I’ll share 7 insights to help you push your capacities and internal limits to the very edge of your external limits. I’m going to walk you through some of the key tactics of game-changers.
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  1. Great topics Rabin Sharma I m still using the 5 am club 20-20-20 formula day start
    & also Tony Robins he said how you study from it’s true enough if you study from wrong people they are going to destroy you.I learned after long life but still never too late I wished I learned long time I can make a different.thank you very much everyone people that I learning from

  2. Hi Robin Sharma we already know 10 meaningful Goals, but how can we are going to achieve every time when we listen Doctor Jordan Peterson & Bob procter & Jim Rohn & Tony Robin many more take auctions how, everything we touched with intrest and some people believe you have be a Gay or Lisbon they will help this is absolutely wrong statement we never ever allowed ourselves until our last day we ar Muslim & African Canadian & American this is shamefully, our United of America people of book why really back history never ever before happens something like that why now happened because we are strongly believed in Allah and also me tell you who we are in our culture's & dignity values never ever allowed us something dirty & nasty, like that because of $ or some powerful. If someone believe this way up them why everyone become some boat.if you want help us we have a lot meaningful to be done before retirement. Please help us our Goals not your I m guessing, otherwise your harming us & putting us down because never ever in our goal this statement,if we asked you for change yes we are strongly believe a lot blessings leaders in this room they will,but other hand how can we are going present ourselves front our Lord almighty everything unseen known & hearing including your attention
    Please help whatever we ask for
    If we back history we don't even water to drink no school and no hospital, just between 2019 and 2020 who many new babies dead without good treatment how can we sleeping
    We have a Bigger Goals not smaller, we never ever put anyone down we human being equally please please please do not try taking our believe way something never ever our goal thank you very much everyone for sharing knowledge that beneficial please post more it's important we are always learning more growing some references available.
    We wished God writer much appreciated

  3. I have worked with many, many coaches and intended many conferences since my journey of personal development and spirituality, namely since 25 years. My first mentor was, Wayne Dyer whom I dearly adored and met in 2012. Even though I have never met Robin, he is for me the most inspiring man in this field. Such an epic and most iconic man. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with the world, Robin. Such a gift for a humanity.??????

  4. Robin Sharma we listen to you your speech & we put on practice it's work well as he said 20 20 20 formula morning routine & less eating more done yes we are some references available also he said swet with training less bleeding in war,we never ever copy someone else thank you very much everyone for sharing knowledge that beneficial please post more it's important we are always learning more growing up

  5. Every morning I love to listen to Robin's mastery sessions to make me energized and keep me motivated. He has enormous power to lighten the day and help to start the day with a jump-start!! Thank you so much sir!!

  6. 1. Don't be standard/mediocre.
    2. Haters gonna hate.
    3. Execute and persist.
    4. Do what others don't do.
    5. Just change yourself.
    6. Don't get distracted.
    7. Focus on few things.
    8. Do it with fear.
    9. Invest in your learning.
    10. Leave your comfort zone.

  7. Ohhhhh Robin! You enlighten my life❤Daily I listen to you just like a friend…when i need advice…I alwayz ask myself..what would robin tell if I ask him? And i follow d lead..thanks man!!!!