The Wisest Quotes I've Ever Heard…

The Wisest Quotes I've Ever Heard…

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Life Changing Quotes

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  1. Thanks @daily_Motivation …I am so happy to see that one of the most popular Motivational content creating channel has launched an episode with "the Sayings" of our Prophet(Saw) 🙂 thank you

  2. "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

    I believe in you my friend, never give up…

  3. One of my favorite quote is this:
    I swear to god that he doesn't believe, I swear to god that he doesn't believe, I swear to god that he doesn't believe.
    The companions said to the prophet:
    Who is he , prophet?
    The prophet replied:
    The one who eats in his house while he knows of a neighbour nearby who is hungry.
    That's the full quote.

  4. Other quotes(that I believe they are from from Hz Muhammed )
    1. Die before you truely die
    2.I advice you two reminder one is Quran other one is death
    3. Paradise is under mother's feet
    4. Love orphans
    5. Action! Action! Action!
    6. If you live same life like yesterday then you are loser
    7. Be educated even if u need to go China
    8. Hurting a heart is equal to destroying 40 makka
    9. Go to grave often to remember death
    10. Dear daughter even me can't to help you on judgement day.
    I love this ones but You can find all of them in Qur'an ,read it without judging , thanks ❤️