Sara Seager: The search for planets beyond our solar system

Sara Seager: The search for planets beyond our solar system

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  1. Why can't other life forms live on hotter or colder planets unlike humans and animals? The planet just right for humans and other animals on EARTH may not be just right for other life forms we may not know about.

  2. This is a brilliant example of the potential of science.  200 years ago theorists begin to understand optics mathematically.  Then come advancements in engineering and materials science that allow us to build better telescopes.  Then rocketry is developed and allows the telescopes to be put into space.  Chemistry and biophysics are advanced and we learn that we can detect the presence of life from dozens or hundreds of light years away.  Computer technology advances and allows data analysis that was impossible 30 years ago.  The factors combine and we start finding planets around almost every star.   Soon we will find earth like  planets.  If there is life there, we will know it.  I hypothesize that just as we found exoplanets everywhere once we developed the ability to detect them, we will  also find life on almost all earth like planets.  After all, life bloomed here almost as soon as it was chemically possible.  Intelligent life could be much more rare.  There have been only a few species on earth that would be called intelligent by our standards.  It is also likely that intelligence is such a powerful advantage that only one species per planet could develop with human level or higher intelligence.  In the far future (not really so far, maybe 1000-2000 years?) we might be the interstellar traveling aliens we have been looking for.  Is it possible that one day the children living on a dozen earths will read about a time when people thought looking for exoplanets or building telescopes was a waste of money and time?

  3. Aliens do exist. They do visit our planet. All I hope for is that the cover-ups are uncovered and officially acknowledged by the governments. Would be cool to have them walking around with us. Would be cool to call some of em as my friends, go for a drink with em perhaps? Jokes apart.. all I look forward to is acknowledgement of what is already out there.

  4. She had two achievements as a scientist and as a woman breaking the stereotype in the male dominated field. She is a hero and a model to others. If the next generations found another earth they will remember you for sure.

  5. Great presentation. She is so intelligent. Sara has 1 of the brightest minds in science and astronomy, also Amy Mainzer is so intelligent. Finally woman getting recognition and respect from main stream scientists.

  6. This has been explained in a very simple way by Sara 👩🏻‍🔬 ❤ and even I believe that Some day our next generation will be on the earth 2.0 🌏 from solar spectrum idea💡 to Goldilocks place ill remember this for my entire life I'm so much proud of this lady she talks about reality and logically things that we should think about another planet before we assume everything is alien 👽 we assume this cuz of the evidence we collecting nowadays what is more amazing that people are seeing spaceship in the open sky what we call is UFO and by the way, this is 2022/06/21 and I heard NASA 🚀 had launched hunt mission for UFOs. Like us, I think they are keeping an eye 👁️ on us before we did. Lots of love ❤️ 🇮🇳