The power of introverts | Susan Cain

The power of introverts | Susan Cain

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  1. Have you ever been called stupid for being silent , or unaware about your surroundings just because you don't speak up every time , or naive because you don't try to look smart by interrupting every so called intellectual conversations , have you ever been judged as unfit in this fast moving world , have you ever been tagged as just a book worm but not smart , thn you are truly an introvert

  2. The way you can tell her deep respect and love for her grandfather. how seeing droves of people come out for him despite his introverted nature, I feel like that changed her idea of introversion.

  3. What do you think, introverts, that we have conversations on the Internet, such as private groups on Telegram or Messenger, in which we discuss different things. I'm sure everyone has a lot of opinions and stories to talk about.

  4. I feel this pressure to be social in order to "network," and it's not easy when you've been both bullied in school and traumatized into silence at home. A lot of people get lucky breaks by speaking up and standing out; I'm struggling to use social apps bc I'm scared of people. I had resolved to believe that no one would ever know my true personality or get close enough to me to learn all the things about me you wouldn't expect in a first impression. Upon moving out and starting a new life elsewhere, I held down my first non-seasonal job, and remained my mumbly, awkward, introverted self. I felt I needed to compensate for my silence by working twice as hard and helping others with their jobs. I only allowed kind words and proper manners to leave my lips bc I stumble over conversations. All of a sudden I'm being invited out places, my coworkers and new friends gift me and engage with me. They have no idea how much their friendships mean to me, but 99% of the time I can't wait to get home and not talk to anybody.

  5. كوني انطوائيًا ، لطالما ما تعرضت للوصف غير اللائق لي ، والهجوم ، حتى من والدتي ، لكنني لم احاول ابدًا ان اكون على غير ماهيتي ، ولم احاول ان اكون غير "نفسي" وان اغير ما يجوب بداخلي من حب للخلوة حتى ولو لم استطع ان اغيره ، تقبلت حقيقة انني شخص غريب بالنسبة للمجتمع ، لكن شخص "احبه واحب ما يكون" بالنسبة لي ، تعرضت لاضطهاد الرأي ورفضه …. عندما كنت ارفض ان اذهب للمناسبات الاجتماعية التي كل ما يدور فيها عن الناس وما يفعلون وعن السب والشتم وعن الافكار اللا عقلانية ، وجل ما سيفعلونه هو الضحك عليّ لانني لا اشاركهم حديثهم الذي لا يفيد احد بشيء ولا يقدم ولا يأخر ، ويصفوني بأنني مريض ، حتى في موقف ما قالت امي انني احتاج الى طبيب نفسي لانني لا اختلط بكل الناس ولا اتجاوب مع مواضيعهم التافهة واحب ان اكون وحدي اغلب الاوقات وافكر وحدي وابتكر وحدي واعمل لوحدي ، عمومًا ما اريد ان اوصلّه ، هو انني لا احاول ان اغير نفسي لاجل احكام المجتمع ، عندما اكون مرتاحًا واشعر بالسلام في خلواتي ، ايًا كان ما يقولونه ، لا يهمني بشيء ، وانتم كذلك ❤️

  6. In high school I was in a group project with extroverts and they decided that for our “presentation” we would write a song on our topic and sing a verse each. I felt pressured cause everyone loved that idea & I didn’t want to be the one to say no. I got through it somehow … albeit terrified.

  7. As an extrovert in 2022, I am of the belief that we have changed a lot. Schools and some businesses have begun to transition to online work. With this transition, it works to both extroverts and introverts respectively. Introverts have online work while extroverts have the traditional in-person.

  8. I also don't feel sad when I'm alone I also feel sad when I'm with other people.. but not when I'm around kids I feel so grateful they never judge you.. lol I used to not like women but I love moms their super women and don't get enough credit. I Love what you said driven to do what they thought is right.. I am a contemplator I need to think on my own in order for me to come out with ideas.. big ideas.. we do need armies of people to come together.. I Love books.. ❤️ thank you for sharing the Love of your grandfather so special.. thank you for sharing your beautiful words and how you got where you are to share your story . I Live In my head.. open your suit case.. what a Lovely thought and message! Thank you Ted talks.. ?

  9. The worst thing is being a introvert, try to act as a extrovert to make people not to think me as a strange thing even if it is more uncomfortable.

  10. Sounds like she has a persecutorial complex. The top 1% most successful people in the world are definitely not introverts.. Let's take a look at the top few such as Elon Musk or Donald Trump even Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs Go on the shark tank they are all extroverts. What this is is a meager attempt to kill sorry and be more sensitive towards introverts who don't interact in a reciprocal manner commander with the rest of the majority extroverts. They definitely play a vital role in life no doubt. Like teaching us how to center center ourselves and listen more

  11. Thinking back, I was always bothered by concerned teachers in school just because I was on my own reading or something. I was lonely to them. I wasn’t. I’m was perfectly content until you bothered me?

  12. As an extrovert myself I've always thought one of the greatest pieces advice for other extroverts is to make time to listen to introverted people. Introverted doesn't mean shy and they often have the best insights into the world.

  13. – Being shy is different with being introvert. While shyers are afraid of being judged that’s why they are silent, introverti choose to be silent.
    – Many school activities nowadays are designed for extroverted-students.
    – Based on research, introverts are more knowledgeable and get better grades
    – doesn’t mean that we un-socialize ourself from crowds, however serendipity, quiet vibes are optimal for introverts to get ideas/enlightenment

  14. I retired two years ago. I love being alone with my computer. I love having time to read. I love talking to one or two people. I hate crowds. It might be hard to believe, but George Carlin was an introvert.

  15. Time marches on and I think this issue is still if not more prevalent then ever. As an introvert who manages teams, I listen and learn from my staff as much as they can learn from me. Our outputs get better than most of those from those leaders who are much more extrovert. The sad thing is that the extroverted leaders get more than their share of the limelight. We need to level up and be inclusive to all types of people and take them on their merit and achievements, not the loudest voice.