The Dark Side of Genius | Robin Sharma

The Dark Side of Genius | Robin Sharma

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Potent insight for today: all genius has a dark side…

…Each of your gifts come with a down draft. A fire in your belly to get epic things done comes with the dark side of impatience, to manage. Being massively creative comes with the dark side of having so many ideas you dissolve your focus. The blessing of wanting to be amazing at your craft comes with the dark side of arrogance—that must be managed…

…I wrote a deep post on this entire subject this morning. I’ll send it to my mailing list in September. If you’d like to get it [along with regular videos] you can get onto my subscriber list at

And… if you’re ready to fly and want me to be your mentor/monthly advisor to accelerate your rise into your genius while you build a life you you’re super happy with, head right over to for all the fun details.

Thanks! Be great. Bye. Robin

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  1. Hello Robin. Whenever I see your vids, it remind me of how powerful your books. I mean, the learning I got and how it gives impact to my life as I applied it. You're such an inspiration. All the best.

  2. They're also prone to severe depression. The more u learn the more u realise things and it becomes sad. The ignorance blissful magic is now gone.

    It's exactly like a magic trick. It's AMAZING when u don't know how it's done. For a brief moment u REALLY thought that guy was a wizard or somethin. Then u were taught that it's not real magic its just fake props, you were let down some, then the internet came out and u can see just about how every single magic trick is done. Now U KNOW it's fake, how it's fake, and how do be a faker. That sense of wonder is now gone.

    This is what happens to highly intelligent people who know just about how everything works from the ground up. The process to get there is amazing, but once u reach a peak, there's really.. Nothing else. Now what do u do..

  3. Not my son or I make friends easily. Never really feel comfortable around any group of ppl. I know how to he around ppl and sometimes enjoy it. It's a skill developed over time out of neccessity.