Listening to shame | Brené Brown

Listening to shame | Brené Brown

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  1. Ninety-nine percent of the women commenting on this will not appraise their man for being vulnerable she even says that at the end of the video and I think most of you skip that. That same ninety-nine percent of women will shame their man or beat them up for being vulnerable for the women out there this is my call to you do better by the men who are vulnerable in your lives.

  2. My professor assigned your first video to us as a class, and it really stuck with me. I hope you know that so many people have benefited from your talks!

  3. I’ve never meet a women that would expect a man who is vulnerable. Women say they do but when it actually happens they will pursue the first man that isn’t like that and leave the man that shows vulnerability. That’s what happened to me and about 90% of my buddies that were married in the military. So this shame talk isn’t realistic it’s just fantasy.

  4. If you think that vulnerability isn't weakness, you've never been exposed to the practical outcomes of highlighting them to potential enemies, or you weren't actually vulnerable to begin with.

  5. this was extremely unenlightening. Thought this would be of an cultural anthropology analysis comparing shame and guilt. All I heard was a soccer mom ramble about ted talks, saying little of coherent substance.

  6. I see weakness as you not standing up for yourself, and are afraid to show yourself. It's having a fear, and listening to it, instead of cultivating curage.
    You can't be courageous, if you have no fear.
    "Weakness" is lying, manipulating, being prideful and being self fulfilling/obsessed. It's judging others. It's assume that you know the outcome. It's talking big about yourself, instead of showing who yourself is.

  7. This talk was overall resonant for me, but as a man the gender breakdown did not compute. I personally found much more resonance with how she described shame in women than in men.

  8. I've always been ashamed to tell any woman that I loved her. I've never been able to express myself even though there have been girls swooning over me, but I never made a move.
    I've always resented myself for not trying, for not trying due to whatever reasons.

  9. How ironic is it that men have emotional control and violence. Remember folks if you have an emotional outburst that causes violence it’s only ok if you yield a penis because anger is only an emotion if you are a woman??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️???

  10. That last thought really hit me. I always think "I'm going to put myself out there when I've worked on all my issues and I'm feeling great and super confident" and then it never happens.