Sadhguru: “The Color of Your Clothes Have a Huge Impact…”

Sadhguru: “The Color of Your Clothes Have a Huge Impact…”

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Be careful when you wear black clothes.

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  1. If your theory is true, than that would also mean skin color, hair color, light vs dark, etc. Like you have said in other videos, God has a purpose for everything, which I do agree with.
    As far as colors go, I believe it is way more complex than your simple theory of colors. I think you could be correct in regards to the base foundation of what the colors represent. However, sometimes bad, has been known to turn good. In otherwords, many variables besides the base representation of the color.
    For instants, like Robin Hood. A bad thing turning into good.

    God judges all. Emotions, motivations, purpose, thoughts, actions, deeds, etc… Color by itself, without variables, would then be as simple as black is bad and white is good. After variables, that can all change.

    How about this, we see the water as blue but when the water hit rocks or waves crash, we see white?
    With that same thinking, wave a white shirt around, crumble it, hit it, etc.. it stays white the entire time.
    My point is, many variables to consider, besides black representing bad and white representing good.

  2. Black is my favourite colour of existence, ????….black doesn't hold back anything… Let me tell you something,. The brightest light cast the darkest shadow……lmao im just a fool ??

  3. That is why BLK symbolizes power it’s absorbs all energy! Not everyone can handle and discern energy spaces. Don’t wear blk if you are not in alignment with self. Empowerment ?

  4. Balck jilbab with burqa with black glows is too scary . Babies start crying when they see them especially when there are more than 3 wearing them

  5. Jaggi,there are the poor who don't have a choice to select clothes..then there are politicians who wear mostly white ….so are you saying their actions are impacted because of the clothes they wear???.

  6. Ok. First of, he is an manipulative person people are easy to be manipulated by his words they think he is so wise, but unfortunately he is just trash.

    Come on who would go into a stage of 7.7 Billion people the entire humanity and say, " Those who are into different kind of sadhana, if their sadhana is mild, but they’re on a spiritual path, but they are on with various aspects of life, they don’t want to gather life around them. They want to be participating in life, but they don’t want to gather anything. Such people will choose to wear white." Some people who follow his footsteps would blindly believe him and start to wear just white every single day, like my partner, she just changed completely into wearing just white or very light colors. As a human I have some expectations about my partners clothings I mean not all time but occasionally. But this "wise mystic from India" saying such things to a open audience should have know better. So is he that wise and mystic ater all?

    Like me there are so many out there. But at the end of the day I am powerless to my own partner when it comes to me vs him, she think whatever he says is "Vedas" whatever I say is nothing. I love her so much to this day. So please kindly support people like me who are still trying to have a normal life. curses on him.

  7. I wear black tops because it's easier to hide my sweat. I work at a place where you constantly moving, lifting boxes and helping others. I sweat and as a female I feel very insecure about it so I hide it with black oversized tops. ?

  8. Black is just A colour , iske upar apna jyada dimag Matt lagao yaar black colour nahi hota to ye duniya nhi hoti , Apne hair ka colour bhi black hai …

  9. Actually black is not a color. Black is the consumption of ALL colors and ALL lights. It actually initially meant brightness. We’ve been lied to. Black is a beautiful color ?

  10. Dogs do not see black and white. They do see colors. They have two cones. Humans have three cones for color vision. I lost interest as soon as he said that. lol come on man. You could just Google this so easy if needed. So unattractive to hear crap like that. It's not hard to research a little.

  11. Same- but I have smth to say so my brothers friend said he went to our house and saw my brother in the garden and he kept calling him but my brother did t answer and then he saw ppl wearing black and red eyes then he ran back home and started calling him on his phone but he didn’t answer.and last night my brother kept on getting calls so idk if it’s a nightmare or not

  12. This man's whole philosophy falls apart when starts talking about black… White is too easily stained. In my thought process it is flipped. White wants to take in and be coloured where as black is already filled space.