Impact Tomorrow Today – Steven Kotler | Inside Quest #44

Impact Tomorrow Today – Steven Kotler | Inside Quest #44

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Original Air Date: 10 Feb. 2016

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  1. Is Transcendental Meditation counter productive for achieving Flow state since it activates the Default Mode Network and increase the alpha brain waves, whereas flow state is more correlated with lower activites in the Default mode network region in the brain and also brain wave states such as theta and gamma, which is related to meditation forms such as mindfulness?

    Appreciate any insight on this!
    Wish you all the best where ever you might be!

  2. Thank you for posting this video. I found the topic and interview very interesting.
    I'm a firm believer in the many benefits that can come from achieving the "Flow" state. Over the past few years, I've also learned to better understand how our brains are preprogrammed to protect us against harm and discomfort, which is not restricted to physical dangers or threats. For me, this was critically important to embrace, because it helped me to realize that having negative thoughts, fear, and stress is normal … and sometimes good. What's not good is to continuously be in the negative state of mind. That's where what you feed your mind comes into play. And that is what I feel is at the center of what Steven Kotler discusses.

  3. 32:16 : Hedonic Setpoints
    – A year Later you Feel Same ( happy )
    – Chronic Unemployment and Death Of A Child Can Permanently Set your Hedonic Set Point
    + Flow and Experiences that frequently take you out ou your head will change the hedonic set point in death of a child and chronic employment
    – The amount of Rem Sleep Is The Predictor Of Depression. It's is 98% Correct.
    – Hedonic Set Point : You Feel The Same When You are 10 the same when you are 30 .