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  1. still can't believe the two people that helped inspire me to wake up from my previous version of myself got together irl. this is great I hope more people watch the interaction and feel something. good luck to everyone. you got this shit.

  2. What I took from this is Keep humble. Update old marketing strategies to the current times. Ads are the way around face to face marketing. Ads help you save time and gives you a longer reach. RIP Nipsey Hussle??

  3. I Definitely think that talking about the algorithm of how social media impact is empowering the world & big brands are no longer the go to for major exposure. Also I think what Gary said about putting out as much content as possible is the smartest thing to do…we’re in a time where content is king & we no longer have to wait to get our creativity out there. Another thing he said about the rock; how hungry he is & dude has basically conquered everything & he still wakes up like he’s hungry af. Meanwhile these overnight wishful guys put out one piece of content and think they’re Hot shit. YOU GOTTA BE HUNGRY

  4. RIP NIPSEY! This was such an amazing interview !! So sad he was gone so young! Crazy thing is that now that Im involved in Entertainment I always tell my fellow spanish Rappers & english Rappers to collab to exchange fans. I love how you were encouraging him to do the same ! So many gems were dropped Thank you! ??????

  5. When you mix Street knowledge with Businesses knowledge it be The same conversation…The Feds know that that’s why Dey want the boss and the rest of the team crumble like flies LLNIP ?….Gary vee Well respected??

  6. My two main entrepreneurs, inspirations, plus cool people from what I can see. On YouTube you two opened my mind in a way that is uncommon for a Romanian boy from the hood. RIP " Hussle the great" thank you Gary for such level of insight from so many years ago. You guys inspired me to change my life man. Thank you. Im coming to spend some cash and do life at the next levels soon. Like months away man. I feel it. And then I heard your apple music thing. Humbling. I tried to imagine the hit and my gut hurt for you it's not even my shit. Stay strong your killing shit. Be healthy. Sending health and love to you all. Life is a crazy effing journey.

  7. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between hearing and listening…as a recently diagnosed MS person yall listening for clarity of understanding inspires the hell out of me thanx Mr. Gennady

  8. The advertisement hack (choosing four different countries) THAT was eye opening, seeing Nipseys' pure happiness and the smile on his face when something clicked or resonated THAT. So much to hear and revisit and learn about.