REINVENT YOUR LIFE – New Motivational Video 2020

REINVENT YOUR LIFE – New Motivational Video 2020

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Reinvent Your Life! One of the Best Motivational Videos for Changing Your Life in 2020!
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  1. Why do the motivational videos just show body building content ? Why not something like starting your own company? Selling stuff or doing a evening and weekend program besides working full time?

  2. At last even our Sadguru ( 0:18 seconds) of India seen here … Proud to be an Indian always, we never resist change and have least count of COVID19 victims, better than western worlds. because we adapt change since our civilization started here at river Ganges..

  3. I really enjoy all the content of this video. I've learnt for all of them and grow from them. Please guys subscribe to my motivational channel and boosting your energy. Thanks for your love and support❤. Remember to comment please

  4. I feel stuck jus like yu do but I promise if yu wanna get out & move forward ! Yu gotta want it , it’s gonna suck & it’s gonna be hard , LIFE IS HARD! but anything worth doing aint gonna come easy , that should excite yu , life IS worth living ? stay up y’all & keep going I believe in yu !

  5. I almost gave up in 2012- Girlfriend Cheated on me With a rich dude, when I asked her why she did it , she replied with “he’s got more money than you”, that kinda hurt me a lot, throughout our relationship I was playing Mr Nice Nice Card, and it ended by her cheating on me and dumping me , it then led to me losing my job , couldn’t pay rent so was kicked out the house to live on the streets , was so hurt and lost ,
    2014- Slowly started building myself, got a job at kfc, levelled up from a crew member to a manager within 2 years, moved into my own new home , bought me a new Toyota hilux, and found me a good girl
    2016- I met my ex and her boyfriend (the guy that she cheated with when she was with me ) the rich dude , so I saw them outside a shopping centre asking strangers for money, as soon as she saw me , she tried to apologise for everything and wanted to get back together, I replied to her Saying remember when u said “he’s got more money than you” now go back to him , and she started crying and all , I kept on point and walked off while she was screaming saying “I love you and all “
    2018- My new girlfriend that I was with since 2015 cheated on me with her manager at Nike store, apparently dude was giving her a shift roster to choose from , he use to make her finish early and pay her still for her shift time , for example she’d work for 3 hours and get paid 12 hours , it took me 6 months to realise this , this then affected me and hurt me badly, ended up going to work at kfc as a manager hurt, owner then realised I was bad for business , so he fired me, so once I lost my job , I couldn’t pay rent , so I was evicted from my house, started sleeping in my Toyota hilux truck for 6 months , started exercising everyday , 50 pushups , 50 set up , 50 pull up, it helped me with managing stress. I started getting in shape , found me a new job at a office , made good weekly income form that job so got me a apartment.
    2020- so far this year I’m doing well better, still working for that office job, they are like a family to me , I’m still working out everyday , I’m in shape , diet is great , opportunities are coming up like a maccas drive thru, created my own YouTube podcast channel which I do interesting topics , also a e-commerce business where I sell products online and I’m happily single , just remember it’s never to late for your goals , I am now 30 years old , to bring this to a conclusion, these woman will destroy you if you play mr nice nice , I got destroyed both times , so I’m really learning not to even be nice to them at all , don’t feel sympathy for me , just don’t make the same mistake , follow your dreams??

  6. Holy wow that was powerful. I've stepped away from motivational therapy as a lifestyle in 2013 and I've noticed the downward changes and times of struggle. Everything in this video is true. Know that future vision of yourself and you will become her.

  7. If you're reading this, remember that you are loved. Your life is a story that you can rewrite from within. You can change the programs that run your life. The fact that you exist mean that you are loved. Divine love is the force behind creation. Your existence means you are loved and worthy of this gift. Unworthiness is a lie you absorbed as a child by being programmed in a world built on the ignorance of God/life and its creation. You can't exist and be unworthy. If you had no purpose, you wouldn't be here

  8. Wow!! This video made me cry alot when I just looked at my life, I listened to it 7 times, it made me cry tears???I believe from now on towards I will make it. This video has motivated me to start my own YouTube channel

  9. Today it's your new beginning and it starts with a mindset of greatness be open to learning, read until you can't read no more find a mentor and welcome your new and exciting life. Be Fearless ? ❤️ and always count each and every one of your Blessings ? ❤️?