Before You Get Angry, Watch This Terry Crews Video | Motivational Speech | Goalcast

Before You Get Angry, Watch This Terry Crews Video | Motivational Speech | Goalcast

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✪ For years Terry Crews was terrified of his father. Decades later, Terry finally confronts him about his childhood. But why does it become his biggest regret?
✪ Before You Get Angry, Watch This Terry Crews Video | Speech | Goalcast
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00:00 – Terry Crews Wants to Protect his Mother
02:45 – Anger Leads Terry to Hit His Father and Felt Worse
04:17 – Terry Crews Recalls his Sexual Assault
05:30 – Violence is not the Solution


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  1. In the first interview I was impressed with the interviewer. He reached over to light touch Terry's knee to show his empathy because he was feeling Terry's pain.

  2. 4:16
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  3. This means a lot to me , thanks
    Going through a lot in my life rn , can't bring myself to be sane , it's really hard , very very hard.

  4. My Dad didn't hit my Mum. He hit me. And it didn't stop there. He got in my head. But I was strong in the mind so, the more he hit me, the worse I became. Then my son was born and I had to straighten up and did. My Dad still thought I was that kid that messed up. That boy was gone. I was a Father myself now. I had to make a choice. Let my son see how my Father treated me or walk away. Knowing I'd lose a lot of family too I made the decision to walk. He tried to get back in contact but after a 2 minutes phone conversation he was still who he was. My Mum never contacted me. Ever. I'm 51, They're still alive. I won't be at there funeral.

  5. 0:09 I don’t like what this women is saying here as if she wouldn’t have done the same, if she was in his shoes because not everyone is mentally strong 24/7 especially in a situation like that, I don’t blame him his dad was a awful farther and he’s hard a hard childhood

    But aye he’s a old women and nobody’s perfect

  6. Terry, you are a good man cuz you know violence doesn’t get you anywhere in life. People need to know that violence is not the way to settle terrible things other people do to you.

  7. in love with terry crews journey to life. Been watching him since I was very young. From White Chicks, The Longest Yard, Everybody Hates Chris and of course, Brooklyn 99. Never knew his life story was tragically awful to hear let alone facing it. Dear Terry Crews, I hope I can be as strong as you, if not better.

    Salam from Malaysia