If You Use Social Media, YOU'D BETTER SEE THIS! | Jordan Peterson

If You Use Social Media, YOU'D BETTER SEE THIS! | Jordan Peterson

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0:21 – Watching This is For Your Own Good


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  1. The rich get Richer because the poor thinks that every opportunity is a scam Especially investing in stock exchange, real estate, gold, crude oil ,cryptocurrency etc. This has been able to represents legion of adventures and entrepreneur.

  2. FACEBOOK is a addicted tool don't youse it people will hack your debt card and your credit cards. The best thing you can do is not youse any of all social media tools it will ruin your life it's to much on your mind your mind can not handle all the data. You will get a nervous breakdown and a mental illness it's not worth it find something easier to do you will have a better life stop challenging the world and you'll feel much better by yourself and your stress level go to zero it's true Idid it. The stress level of all social media is too high you get mental illness depression get off social media you're stressed to go way down and you will have a better life this is LT I know for a fact they just want your knowledge make MONEY OFF THAT'S WHY THERE DOING IT. THERE MAKING OFF OF EVERYTHING YOU DO SAY. THREW LISTENING DEVICE'S CAMERAS THAT ARE ALL OVER THE WORLD HAVE microphones in EVERY CAMERA ON THE PLANT THAT'S THE TRUTH. AND THE satellites can't hear you talk I know what you're wearing and where you're at you don't need a phone to have them listen to you a scary thought huh they know everything you do Savvy speak out loud with no phone they hear everything you say so don't say anything you don't want them to know because you're making money up everything you do that's directly from LT LONNY TIRRI it's undeniable truth you can avoid the best thing is to get off the platforms because it's like following everybody wherever you go do you like to be followed of course not you don't want to be followed they do that to everybody you're being followed right now because they don't care about how you feel they're just making money I've everything you do that's the truth the undeniable truth this is LT clear holding my position you need my help I'll be on YouTube always watch your back because the world doesn't care can't trust anybody you can only trust yourself and you'll be okay don't believe anybody do your own research that's the key you want live a happy life follow your own path and you'll make it a good one peace of mine works for me I'm clear LT always stands at the ready to hold the line for the world Nobody messes with LT my skill levels higher nobody else's they want to make money off my ideas but I'm not going to let him have it because they can't handle it like I said don't mess with LT. I'll join the military show the world no one messes LT BECAUSE I CAN PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT!!! MY ENERGY IS SO STRONG NO ON IS BEEN EVER TO HANDLE IT AND NO ONE HAS EVER BROUGH ME DOWN RRRRAAAAWWWWW!!!!! I WILL JOIN THE MILITARY IF I HAVE TO I CAN BRING THE WORLD TO ITS KNEES BECAUSE I WILL NEVER BACK DOWN RAW! BE GOOD OR ELSE?????????????? LT SAYS I CAN HOLD THE LINE ALL DAY??????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH RAW!!!!!!!

  3. I'm leaving Facebook. I'm sick of being censored for fact based content, the toxicity, it's far more negative than positive. I'm tired of the huge amount of disrespect in comments. I'm always dealing with scammers.

    I hate it now.

  4. It can be dangerous. There is something that will impede your advancement as I told my own subscribers. Addiction to social media. Now social media can be a good thing for advertising your business, YT channel or the like. But having your entire existence based on it is not. First there is the unhealthy aspect of comparing yourself to other profiles which usually aren't nearly as stellar in real life as they are on the front page. Then there is the aspect where your validation is being sought from people you rarely talk to in real life–if ever. Not to mention the constant quest of follows and likes also drops minute amounts of dopamine in your system literally physically making you addicted to social media. Which leads to later anxiety increase and depression. But also–if you are spending all your time on your iPhone then you aren't advancing yourself. Think about how much more you could learn about stock trading if you cut social media 90% down? That's my end point. It should be a very small part of your life not the center of it. Hope that helps someone out there—Charles