What I Believe

What I Believe

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  1. Your message has come at the right time in my life.. I need to believe that my words mean a lot to my follower.. Sometimes times thing are so hard that you question yourself.. thank you for your inspirational words..

  2. Fantastic message. Brendon you are a gift to the world. Bless you and your triumphs! Thank you for making the planet a better place, always sharing your positive spirit and keeping yourself focused to teach the masses to achieve as well.

  3. Well…It all seems so beautiful and cute…But unfortunately his utopian view is definitely not for “everyone and all of us”.I’ve had my share of disgraceful and “acidental” moments in life and I have to firmly disagree with the idea of these moments as being “gifted” moments.If there is an external force gifting something to us to change the trajectory of our lives or similar, the whole average concept of “free will” that many believe having, was authentically disrupted and it no longer exists.Studies indicate that we are all different and therefore interpretations are fundamentally also different, hence so many societal discrepancies and different behaviors…Well, it’s all pretty and all while he’s saying it but upon further inspection it’s all a bit utopic at the end.I’m all for us helping each other as species but to see experiences as gifts and such, changes the entire scenario.

  4. Thanks. Nice timing Brendon. I've been stuck. Working on help from others. Today is the day where I stand up, take off my chains, brush myself off and re-connect with the World. Thank you again. I'll see you here and NOW!

  5. I just wanna Say Thank You ❤ .. THANK you SO MUCH For helping people To change , To Live , To Love ,& To be Positive..
    Thank You from the bottom of my heart ❤

  6. Everyone should see and hear this video– I just received my performance planner and it is Amazing–My productivity has increased like 50%–I am getting twice as much done–thanks Brendan!!!

  7. thank u so much Brendon! for these incredible videos! I have written much much more comments on your videos! AND I LOVE IT ! I Keep on watching over and over again ! keep up the good work !

  8. Brendon ,thank you.You give me in this moment the power to be myself.I m in the top of normal social condition,but i think my mission is to umprouve the live of million and million people he need my help,my huge and unic experience.Thank you again

  9. I randomly thought about this video recently even though it's been years since I'd seen it. In terms of influence, this guy has been a powerhouse of positivity in my life and I'm eternally grateful for the seeds of inspiration that he planted in me during the time when I first saw this.