What is Sexponential Medicine? | Amy Killen

What is Sexponential Medicine? | Amy Killen

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In this video, Dr Amy Killen, a leading anti-aging and regenerative physician explores the exciting and new developments in the fields of sexual medicine. She shows you how you can have better sex no matter your age or previous sexual experiences, and unlock true sexual longevity.

Keep watching to discover:

Surprising similarities between the benefits of sex and psychedelics.

What is Nitric Oxide and how it improves your sex life

Why testosterone is just as important for women as estrogen

The 4 pillars of sexual longevity


Dr. Amy Killen is a leading anti-aging and regenerative physician, specializing in aesthetics and sexual health.

After treating a number of prominent biohackers and longevity-seekers, Dr. Killen and her colleague, Dr. Harry Adelson pioneered the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover, one of the most innovative regenerative procedures currently available.

In her portion of the procedure, Dr. Killen combines stem cell and exosome injections with light, sound and other energy-based therapies to give patients unparalleled synergistic regenerative effects for skin, hair and sexual systems.

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