DON'T GIVE UP – Very Powerful Motivational Video Compilation for Studying, School & Success

DON'T GIVE UP – Very Powerful Motivational Video Compilation for Studying, School & Success

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Don’t Give Up Now!! A lot of you are writing exams/finals this month so we wanted to wish everyone good luck! ? Give it your best! And if you fail, don’t give up and don’t feel down! Try again with twice the effort!!

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Special thanks to Avi Tzdaka [00:10] and Mariana [00:15] from Mariana’s Study Corner for providing their videos at the start of this video 🙂

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►Les Brown:
►Charlie Day
►Tyrese Gibson
►Denzel Washington
►Ray Lewis
►Neil deGrasse
►Matt Damon
►Greg Plitt
►Les Brown
►Tim Grover
On Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu:

►Rafael Eliassen

►Matthew McConaughey
►Jay Shetty:
►Ryan Holiday:
►Brendon Burchard:
►Jessica O. Matthews:
►Moran Cerf:
►Tom Bilyeu:


It’s Possible – Motivation2Study

New Video using Charlie Day’s Merrimack College Commencement Address

Work Hard & Make A Difference – Motivation2Study

Find Yourself – Motivation2Study


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►Really Slow Motion & Instrumental Core – A First Star
►Really Slow Motion (Epic Soul Factory) – Everdream

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►Whitesand – Beyond

►Borrtex – Memoir of Solitude
►Borrtex – Sense of Music



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Avi Tzdaka

Mariana’s Study Corner:

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  1. Thank you for motivating us and for pushing us . I always feared taking decisions or going for something I believed . Now I feel more connected with my dreams

  2. Never giving up has really changed my life. Sometimes l have failed but l hard faith that l will make it possible next time.❤️❤️❤️❤️.
    Hardwork is really paying off with time. My fear will be overwhelmed.

  3. I really appreciate for all who give us the advice n encouragement, inspiration word that make us do not give up even their is no hope of being studying by listen of such these video it give us hope Thank you.

  4. I really needed this I'm only in elementery school and I'm learning my timetables and i gave up because I didn't believe in myself … thanks so much for this ❤❤?

  5. 3:55 it's from an ad, where an old man invites his family for Christmas dinner but nobody shows up for years. Than he invites them to his funeral and now everybody is sad and regrets not visiting him. And than he reveals that he isn't dead.

    Follow your goals and work hard but also don't forget to visit your friends and family 🙂

  6. My problems is I'm not comfortable studying at home and make me dont have motivation to study?I want study at a good place like library but it very far…
    Im so sad i dont have a good house like other people ?but I am thankful I still have a home ?

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