WATCH THIS TODAY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Motivational Speech on Achieving Your Dreams 2020

WATCH THIS TODAY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Motivational Speech on Achieving Your Dreams 2020

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WATCH THIS TODAY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE! You can achieve your dream through 2 simple things. This is a new motivational speech release from MotivationHub with Motivational Speaker Nathan Harmon.

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  1. I am a shark pursuing my passions relentlessly. Im feeding the joy and gratitude I have in abundance. What a way to start my morning 🌞🔥🔥

  2. This is all very well and easy for younger people. I know my passion and goals. When you reach beyond 50 it becomes increasingly difficult to find the enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is key, and that is in the young. They still have lots of time and endured less of life’s experience of knocks. I can tick all the boxes for positiveness , mainstay, etc. I already know all that you say. I tell myself all these things. I keep trying to kick my own ass. BUT WHEN YOU ARE OLDER WITH LESS TIME AND PEOPLE FOBBING YOU OFF BECAUSE YOU ARE OLD, AND YOU HAVE SO MANY HARD KNOCK , AND IT STILLL SUPER DIFFICULT TO GET BY AND MOVE ON THEN HOW DO WE OLDER PEOPLE GET OUR ENTHUSIASM BACK? I NEED ENTHUSIASM.

  3. Don't even know why I've just watched this . What will be will be . Don't run on self will . Don't go it alone . Hand it over to your higher power and what's for you will NOT go past you . In saying that I got a lot of identification from this . This man speaks about a lot of shit I've been or still going through and he carries a good message, dunno man …Maybe I was supposed to watch this , got me thinking