FOCUS, LISTEN, RUN – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Coach Pain)

FOCUS, LISTEN, RUN – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Coach Pain)

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On the line, getting ready to RUN today. Life has taught you many things.
Without its guidance, you would not be standing here. It’s a shame, that most of the people in this world have dreams that they are not working on because they are afraid.

“Tell them this, I’ve been up the hill many times, and my life isn’t over yet.”

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  1. Don't just run to win yourself a race. Run your own race at your own pace for the honor and commitment you make to yourself to do better in your life. The race of reality is not really won by the most fastest, most strongest, and most tallest. It won by who most passionate, determine, intelligent, and more importantly the most committed.

  2. One thing I have learned In my life and I want to share it –
    The real problem of the people's is they are getting distracted by there 5 inch device and they way to success is just by cutting this web of distractions 👍

  3. The video reminded me of the past. I used to work hard in the past, but now I'm reflecting on why I live like this. Thank you very much. I'll do my best thinking about quitting everything. Always be healthy and I hope everyone succeeds.

  4. Be a part of positive encouragement …… Encouraging Life Success Day……… October 3rd Encouraging Life Success Day is a day where we all wear green, which represents GOING for our goals and dreams while encouraging others to GO after their dreams as well. October 3rd, Encouraging Life Success Day, wear GREEN 😊😊