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Million Dollar Interview with Gloria Mayfield Banks

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Video Author Title: Eric Worre – Network Marketing Pro

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  1. Thanks, Eric Worre, this woman, Gloria , is truly amazing, and full of energy. I love her energy, enjoyed her story. She pushed past, all her fears, and achieved, all the things, she achieved. God bless you Eric Worre, for inviting her, and interviewing her. I'm new at Network Marketing, and have a few Entrepreneurs, I've met, that are so inspirational, and motivating, in helping other's. I see that in a couple of them, one is Ontarian Hawkins, this guy, started using a guy's , done for you automated system, and at one point is killing it more than the guy, who made, it. He has about, who knows, maybe, 6 businesses, he works on, and also Mentors, other to achieve, and give back to the community. Now he say's he doesn't worry, or concentrate on what he makes, but, is , inspiring so many people to follow him. Now he says, it's not abt the money , he's making but helping other's achieve financial freedom. So I'm knew and feel so blessed, to have encountered people like you, Eric Worre and Gloria. You both are amazing people, God bless, U, and will be following you, and subscribe to your channel. As you can see, love to right, comment, and learn, from others.

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  3. Such power packed interview. How I wish more & more educated people watch this interview & understand that this industry is not only for hopeless people, but also for efficient ones who have the huge ability to lift everyone around them along with themselves. Awesome

  4. Man you’re not a slow learner that’s a mark of intelligence. There’s a mysteries in a single word and your mind and heart are aware of that and it takes time to “download” before it installs and you grab ahold of that info and run with it like a computer. Those who aren’t aware only scratch the surface of what’s actually being said.

  5. Done! Tenacity and enthusiasm play a large role in success! People skills, coupled with hard work, can be an asset in conducting one's business. So called "disabilities", like dyslexia, do not have to be a hindrance. A sense of humor and humility are assets. Building belief through visualizing is a great tool for success in network marketing.