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How to Deal With Difficult People

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH everytime i want to do stuff with people they always want to volunteer then when i ask them to send stuff their lazy and come up with excuses like ''im eating'',''i was on the road'',''my tablet died'',''i cant send it to you cuz im going to sleep'' i've ask my friend to send a video since yesterday (mid-day) and she still cant send anything ;/ this is so much help when dealing with uncooperated people..

  2. Il me faut du temps pour mon doctorat et mon projet professionnel apprendre à tirer et savoir faire de la moto et apprendre très vite l anglais écrit et parler je pense que dans 2 mois où 3 je suis prête pour vous équipe travail rigueur discipline et une créativité débordante de nouveaux systèmes économiques financiers et autres vous pouvez compter sur moi je serai là merci pronfonde gratitude

  3. This advice sounds good but I believe that it will suck the life out of me to keep listening to what the person says. Many people that are difficult are quite irrational.

  4. You can't help but respect someone who can deal with difficult people and emotions maturely, and it is difficult to respect someone who can't.

  5. This is terrible advice. Difficult people are not logical, thats why they're difficult. Standing there asking them question after question only unfurls even more of the mess that they already are.

  6. Very intelligent. Very wise. I'll adapt this strategy.

    I have to admit, I can get stressed out by other people. And I can also stress other people out.

    But now, I know that I should just learn how to stay silent, stay still, and smile. And after they are done talking, to ask questions.

    And that should work.

  7. I really like Mr. Tracy and his teachings. Our prophet taught us if an ignorant person attacks you just say 'Salam' (peace).

    He also taught us if you don't have anything good to say just keep quiet.

  8. Hi Mr. Brian Tracy,

    I am a curriculum developer from a training and development company based in Singapore. I came across your wonderful video on "How to Deal With Difficult People" and feel that showing the learners this video would be beneficial.

    Therefore, can I seek permission to use your video to augment my lecture in a classroom(not more than 25 learners) setting with proper crediting done. 🙂