Where Does Presence Come From? | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

Where Does Presence Come From? | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

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In this video, Eckhart answers a question about the manifestation of Presence. Where does it come from? Can we always choose to be Present? Presence emanates from a still spaciousness within.

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  1. It's your mind telling you, you need to be somewhere else to be happy. Why postponing fulfilment to some future imagined point? Realize that the source of all satisfaction is within you already. ?? Brilliant, helpful, precious words
    Thank you Eckhart

  2. This man has allowed me to tackle life-long issues. By cherishing something as simple as attention/awareness/mindfulness/presence, I am slowly detaching from my "poor me!" ego generated from past negative experiences, and I am starting to properly forgive others and let go of hate and resentment. It's a positive commitment that soon brings results.

  3. Focus attention on attention. Consciously choose consciousness over thinking.
    If you lose yourself to reactivity, just start again. You can observe breathing.
    Thanks Eckhart. ??♥️??☕??

  4. Presence is like the sun that shines without form.The space is repose, still, joy. You can only sense it when you aren't thinking.
    Thanks Eckhart. ?????????

  5. So if i m not my past, not my persona, there could come fear because there comes the question: who am i :)) ? yes, it s thinking but and if i would not do that, fear would not come in presence.. but for now i m in the presence of fear :))
    ,, One could say "

  6. Namenlos

    Unzählige Lichte Punkte
    Erwachen im Bewusstsein
    der namenlosen Weisheit
    bevor die Welt begann…
    Das Glück in der Form
    wie "Schreiben auf dem Wasser"
    dauert für ein Augenblick
    und löst sich wieder auf.
    Alles was zusammen findet
    muss sich wieder trennen
    scheinbar ohne Sinn
    ein "Haschen nach den Wind"
    Wir wachen auf
    I'm grossen Raum
    der namenlosen Weisheit
    bevor die Welt begann…