What to do when you screw up | Darren Hardy

What to do when you screw up | Darren Hardy

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We all need to do a better job of owning up to our mistakes. But this is particularly true if you are a leader of a team at work. The truth is, admitting to mistakes only makes you human. You will get much further in your success journey with my 4 point framework for remedying mistakes.

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0:00 – Viewer question about messing up
1:08 – Admit your mistakes
1:25 – The bad examples of ownership in society today
2:22 – Great leaders own their mistakes
3:33 – Nixon example
3:49 – Admitting to mistakes reveals your humanity
4:22 – Confessing to your team
5:02 – Don’t give excuses
5:29 – What you will do to fix your mistakes
5:40 – Ask for help
6:01 – Ask for forgiveness
6:11 – 4 point framework for remedying mistakes

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