What I Learned from Reed Hastings of Netflix | Darren Hardy

What I Learned from Reed Hastings of Netflix | Darren Hardy

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Here is what I learned from Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, about navigating a crisis. In particular, dealing with the dot com bubble BURST in the early 2000’s where a lot of new tech companies went belly up. The key is the PEOPLE you hire, watch the video for more! https://bit.ly/2XeZ1nc

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0:00 – Reed Hastings
0:35 – Early Netflix crisis and layoffs
1:41 – Result of layoffs
2:45 – Issue with adequate performers on a team
3:26 – What top performers want
3:56 – Impact of under-performers
4:51 – Reed’s post-crisis learnings
5:24 – Business Master Class
6:00 – How do you measure up?

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