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  1. Profound and enlightening! ✨ This video on spiritual initiation has opened my eyes to the incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It's a beautiful reminder that the path to spiritual awakening isn't always easy, but it's undoubtedly worth it. This video has inspired me to delve deeper into my spiritual practice and seek greater understanding. Thank you for sharing such a transformative message! ?

  2. I took an online course with the vesica institute I highly recommend it. He’s an excellent teacher. The older programs are very affordable for what you get.

  3. Qi Gong is so amazing!!! I have had a particularly difficult life as far as physical and physiological pain, from an extremely coordinated athlete to bedridden on the maximum doses of Fentanyl and Oxycodone along with a plethora of other pharmaceutical medications for nearly 15 years, I still hurt, but at one point, well everyday for many years, actually, I never thought that I would be able to do much of anything besides waste away on the strongest opioid medications and to be honest, I was taking triple the the maximum doses that I got from other people who practically gave them to me with how little they charged, thank God I am off all of that garbage now!!!
    I went through hell to get off of it, but it was worth it!!!
    I tried every treatment I could find!!! Literally everything for low back pain due to multiple lumbar injuries… there were things that helped, but nothing has made me feel better, as Qi Gong has!!! I wish everyone was taught Qi Gong from the time they could walk!!! We would have a happier, healthier, more peaceful and joyful world!!!

    Bless Us All


  4. What course do you suggest from the website. I am a beginner initiate, and I want to discover more, understand my past life experiences, and achieve astral travel

  5. I don't get this. Explaining this stuff is great but it doesn't tell me what to actually do. What do I literally "do" to activate energy? What do I actually, literally "do" to heal, or to advance. This right now is just a bunch of information but I don't get it. I don't get what I'm supposed to do. How do I "see" what energy centers I need to work on. I don't understand what I'm suppose to understand to do this work. How am I supposed to know what practices I'm supposed to do if I have no idea what you mean by "see" what energy structures need work. How do I literally find what things I'm supposed to think and do. It's just tons and tons of information across 1000s of years of documentation in 20 minutes that leaves me more confused than before. I want to figure this out, my intention is to figure this out but nothing has explained it in a way I can understand what I'm supposed to be doing. This stuff is so frustrating, or maybe I'm just an idiot, but I have spent 100s of hrs trying to figure this out and nothing explains it plainly. I don't even know what questions supposed to ask, let alone what I'm supposed to do.

  6. An amazing video right here! Thank you!! So much appreciation for the knowledge, and the break down of the knowledge into such a simplified explanation.
    Again, thank you…

  7. In the seventies, I had already trained with fire, air, water, stones, and electricity. I I had to prove that that I was really a part of the world, and not disconnected from it. Also I needed to prove that I could grow to fit into jobs, that had advanced education requirements. As far as I know, I was ahead of Russian and American psychic research. The point of this post is to talk about my concerns. I understood, that the world is divided into two camps: Those who believe totally in mind control and those who believe in Grace. Also I believed that we are all responsible for the cause an effects we bring about in the greater world. Finally I understood that those phenomena we create can exist outside of their current application.The listener probably has no idea how diverse and far their thought forms change this world. Even how we gather energy is of question. No matter how high you progress, you will always remain human, always facing the same issues. If you deserve to have a voice, than so does every person along the way. So the highest lessons are Grace and Compassion. "Grace" means that you are able to feel God's Love and treat others with love. The quality of everything we do is strengthen by love, not love for the sake of purpose, but love for the sake of love.

  8. And for those of us that don't believe in reincarnation ? …. Luciferic beings ? So this is what what we were warned about calling good bad and bad good …..sorry tradition has asserted Lucifer being the bad guy i can't just change cause some gentle speaking bohemian tells me otherwise

  9. The thing is…. you don't just start with learning or understanding these truths. You have to live it first, know it from within first. When the time is right the universe brings along your path such teachings giving you a series of "ahaa" moments. Then you finally realize… I am on the path. Love and light to all beings ??

  10. When the pupil is ready, the teacher arrives.
    I didn’t know what I was wanting, great outside validation. Going within now to process. Sometimes I like to meditate to the teaching and what’s for me will absorb and what’s not just slides away, I used to become clogged with information and feel overwhelmed. Now it’s light and flowing I think because I stopped searching for anything In particular. Blessings to all on there path. May it be with ease and grace. B

  11. That is my third sign that I was right. I need to create a physical routine in my body. I knew it already. I know what I am to do. I just don't want the attention it will bring. I have to focus on the physical. Then my heart will finally heal, and I can spread my metaphoric wings.