This Story Will Help You Understand YOUR WORTH (The Story of The Old Watch)

This Story Will Help You Understand YOUR WORTH (The Story of The Old Watch)

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This Story Will Help You Understand YOUR WORTH (The Story of The Old Watch)

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Speaker: Josiah Ruff
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  1. This story has just changed my life forever. I will never settle for anything less than my Worth.

    In this world ? you only have to earn the respect of one person. And that person is me…!!!!

  2. Put God First and Foremost.
    Matthew 6:33

    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
    Philippians 4:13
    Without the Help of God, We Are Nothing.

  3. This is a great video. Been in a very bad relationship for years now. Although in many ways I been knowing this and have been told from loved ones, I couldn't get it through my head. This video magically made me understand it perfectly now. Thank you.

  4. I know I am worth much more than at present. Its just I have yet to find my place in life yet after living over 45 years. But I know if god willing I will find my place in this world one day. This day may never come but at least i am trying to find my place. It might be when I am 60,70,80 years old or beyond. If I never find it so be it. At least I try in this lifetime so I have no regrets when I leave the world behind

  5. The best way to make our world better is to ''upgrade'' ourselves. There is no magic pills as A.S. said. We have to get better and better via hard work. It needs to be done. As parents we have to set the right example to our kids. We have to show them the way.

  6. Today I needed this video like my breath, thanks for making me realise that i have to build up my own value, thanks to make me realise that there is no one other than me who can understand the true worth of myself.
    I know I deserve more, I know what I am, I know that i deserve more, and now I will not expect any other person to affect my self worth, who are they to judge my worth?
    Only I can judge myself, only I know that i deserve what I want, and for that i have to build myself to satisfy my own self.

    Time to build to my own value
    I don't want to pity myself
    I want to respect myself
    And the time is NOW!!

  7. WHOOOA!?I MUST say, That is the MOST PROFOUNDLY POWERFUL, MOTIVATIONAL INSPIRING, POSITIVE Message, I have EVER Heard!???And believe Me, throughout My ENTIRE Learnings I have probably heard them ALL!
    ??Is it available for purchase on Amazon?
    Thanks A Million Love; And You Are BLESSED; With Perpetual Success!?❤️?

  8. Who ever father thought of that, must went through shit/hell to came up with that answer. Then again, it does makes sense. People say, don't believe an dieing because they are crazy. Who's ever father said first, he proved that idea wroug by a long shot.