THE WAKE UP CALL | This Video Will Make You See This Situation DIFFERENTLY!

THE WAKE UP CALL | This Video Will Make You See This Situation DIFFERENTLY!

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE For You All During These Uncertain Times!
►► (Reprogram Your Subconscious)

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  1. If you exercise, that means you live a wrong life! Exercise should be a natural part of the day. Not something you have to spend time and effort to survive. Exercise for the purpose of exercise, is damaging to the body, heart and mind!

  2. This is a great message, but during these times of systematic forced control and mass distraction tactics for technological and administrative power abuse, this message is pure PROPAGANDA for people to stop paying attention to what's happening to our freedom of choice and destruction of our herd immunity systems for dependence on pharmaceuticals! To this during this extraordinary transitional time in our society, when people asks what you did? After this vid you can tell people you took that time to focus on yourself and being a better you..

  3. There is nothing to fear but fear itself simple solution fear nothing believe nothing and most importantly research everything you question because nobody likes to be lied to so do the research because only the truth will set you free

  4. we don't need governments, corrupt systems soon as people know the great truth, the secret of humanity we don't need to depend on anyone, the world needs more love, more light, the answers so deep within us, the main focus it's us, hug and love for all ??❤️

  5. Walking on the grass in bare feet sound stupid but actually its called grounding and the Native Americans used it for healing. The earth has energy they claim. They knee stuff like cranberries helping a bladder infection. It actually holds onto the infection and pulls it out saw it on chamnel 11 as a teen!

  6. During the lockdown, I've kept moving forward on my goal, hard and fast..
    I wont let hysteria and chaos change my path, my goal, my future, my destiny…or my life.

  7. Highly produced content is always suspicious.. especially with the background music pulling at the heart strings…
    The virus and lockdown is the biggest scam in modern history, the news media is culpable as are hospital administrators who get checks to put covid19 on death certificates….agenda 21 is alive and well and people are going like sheep to the slaughter instead of being as angry as hell

  8. These are all good things of advice BUT. You do realize right. That we're all gonna be vaced chipped and tracked. And as far as gardening
    .theres certain states that are banning seeds and what not right? Positive is good
    Dont get me wrong but ya gotta be smart about it. Dont be stupid

  9. But it’s still not o.k that our constitutional rights are being taken away … yeah , not to give in to fear and know that United we are more than powerful , we are it …