Rise Up From Rock Bottom – Lucia Giovannini

Rise Up From Rock Bottom – Lucia Giovannini

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  1. I am in that period of my life-Rock bottom. In a strange country, far far away from my family, and everyone I know. Leaving an abusive and unhappy marriage with two little children, having no job, living in one of the most expensive cities in the world-Munich, having survived on husband over the years, quit my job and left everything I had in my country to move here for marriage, turns out man is an a*****.. I have nothing. But I actually don't even know why I am not scared at all… I am in a period of Rock bottom but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because I'm a strong woman and a fighter!!!

  2. I was felt the same, i was depressed for many2 month but no one believe in my, not even my partner. I strugling by myself looking to find the answer until i found my guru whos show me the meaning of life and bring me into meditation step by step until i found my soul back.

  3. Dude once you hit rock bottom just chill, everyone does, we are born alone and die alone, happiness isnt real, just smile and youre happy, feelings we created and gave them names which gave them power, but none of this is real

  4. Nije mi više konfuzna naša situacija. SUDJENI smo jedno drugom da razmrsimo ovo klupko u ovom životu. Jednom za uvek.
    Uvek te volim i želim.. You pulled me inside with your eyes and i am staying there always. Ljubim te. Dok sam živa tvoja sam. Pripadam tebi sad i zauvek. "*iza nas ostaje sve ružno i čeka nas svetla budućnost." *pišem ti kasnije. Amputiraju opet nogu mami..
    OK. Nek saniraju štetu.. I nek spasu život ljudskog bića. To im je posao. "*hipokratova zakletva." *

  5. Oh my goodness… You such a pretty and a strong lady. Glad I got to listen to this…. Finding yourself through the crowd and having your identity is the true meaning of life… Leaving everything and chasing what you want would truly make a difference, rather than sticking around things n people who just drain your dreams.

  6. This is very timely!!! and very inspiring ????… It enlightened me and gave answer to all the things going on in my mind these days…thank you so much for this very inspirational message… ☺☺☺

  7. So true!! I Hit The bottom and i got back up after that i started to clim hills and now i am climing a mountin. I cant wait to reach the top and fly

  8. Rock bottom's numerology is the number 0. Zero is the beginning of everything, not 1. When you are at 0, God is all you have left besides yourself. Humility is developed in order to kill the ego that comes with being #1. God strips us of everything we have so we may draw closer to Him. This is why Jesus told believers to give away your possessions and take up the cross. Money and material gain doesn't bring happiness. Hardwork, consistency, gratitude for everything, faith in God and yourself brings strength so that no matter what challenge comes along in life…YOU JOYFULLY AND GRACEFULLY PROSPER!!! MANY BLESSINGS TO ALL WHO NEVER GIVE UP!!!♥️

  9. I’ve hit rock bottom many times I’m just starting to snap out of a 21 year depression the person who put me into the depression and caused me a lot of heart ache over the years actually woke me up when I seen him I’m just not bothered anymore ??

  10. Rise up no matter what is takes just rise up push a lil bit more of urself and u will be there where u should be …..,.never give up coz that what life is all about fall rise up fall agin and agin u rise up and in the end u will shine ……Cheers to this beautiful life my friends ✌️