This Video Will Make You Cry! One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches

This Video Will Make You Cry! One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches

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The Simple Message That Every Student and Young Person Needs to Hear by Nathan Harmon.
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►Speaker: Nathan Harmon

Nathan Harmon is the #1 booked school speaker nationwide in 2017 & 2018, speaking at over 310+ schools. His message is powerful and clear: “Your Life Speaks”. Your life is important. Your life and voice have the ability to overcome every obstacle and every situation.
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  1. January 6, 2021
    The day, the fraud leader in Washington was installed? The U. S. election's integrity was trampled down? The shame of the demonc 🐀 rats party was exposed? The lunacy and the killing of babies was finally in full force?,.,.,.,,,,

  2. "If you keep doing the thing you've always done is the definition of insanity"
    Guess i'm insane then, having handicap and can't do what i want to do in life because i'm limited in my brain. Talk about motivation these videos just tear me down

  3. Without sounding like a jerk , I don't think I can watch the rest of this. A life taken, as many as others have. A new show the act of evil who have taken lived end up in the cold case files recent or over the years. Or years ago. One crime , 40 + years ago finally solved. These cold cases are victims of any age or something else. Living, breathing people gone because of a filthy piece of trash. In the Northern most area in California two women kidnapped. The second one in a hollowed out Redwood trees trunk , she managed to escape. The first one ? Wasn't so lucky. She had been murderd and burned in a Creek bed dried out. She had been there for years. This piece of trash man murdered this woman before he had her handcuffed and tied to a chair his Son was 7 years old. He threatened to kill his son if he ever called the police. He sat up all night with a rifle towards his head. He couldn't do anything. He eventually the father died never arrested for kidnapping and murder ,. Things like that ?? No sense.

  4. Even if you were drunk that day and got in accident you both were at fault you for driving when you knew you were on probation and we’re drunk and as for her it’s also her fault for letting you drive when she knew you walked out of a bar and were on probation and especially for not wearing her seat belt

  5. NATHAN!!!!! OMG!!!!! LOOK AT U! I met u in the grocery store in Marion and we ended up talking and u said u wanted to be a motivational speaker. I said I wanted u to speak at my church. The next week u came and spoke to us. Then u came to our cookout and my mother n law was wheelchair bound. U got her out of the wheelchair and had her walk with u…..I will never forget u honey! I'm so proud of u! I to wish to be a motivational speaker and tell my story. Xoxo. God bless ur journey!!!!

  6. This same situation happened to me but with my dad in the car. This is serious stuff that he preaches. I am a Biochemistry college grad and my life has changed tremendously. Now I can't pursue any of my dreams and feel sad everyday. Please make good choices, don't be another one of us because it's not cool.

  7. Came here because of depression, and because I've found that I cannot cry, probably due to the 5 year long stagnation of my emotions from chronic weed use, which I've quit. But it really sucks to say that I felt nothing while watching this video, even though I really need to release what I have bottled up in me. I don't even know what I want to cry about, I just need to release something. The fact I felt absolutely no one emotion I'm aware of is really disheartening. Not sure where to go from here.

  8. The toung has no bone but it pieces whole body , whole heart of another , be careful what you say to anyone.may you can't see but what is hiding there is terrible.

  9. Well if you don't thank GOD YAHUAH every morning….. then life will be 100X more challenging…..ask him to guide your every step and to protect you mentally and physically throughout your day. Always keep the lifeline of prayer open.

  10. There are so many nice words written on it. Thank you so much I hope everyone gets comforted by this video It's so touching that everyone can't like me. Thank you I will live confidently

  11. Wow that ending just but the most bitter taste in my mouth. Picture this guy returning to that tree with his camera guy ‘yep so stand there thanks’ ‘ yep so get this shot of me getting out my car’
    ‘Yep this shot of my touching and emotionally sitting down next to the tree’.

    This man is a manipulator I can see straight through it. If you can’t, wake up.