Jim Kwik: “600 words per minute”

Jim Kwik: “600 words per minute”

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  1. Before my head injury, i saw the “shape” of the next words and when i got to the word. It was only a confirming the shape of the word i thought it was or not(slow down a bit).

  2. Reading is one thing but comprehension is another. So is context and abstract reasoning. Read a book fast but what understanding and what impact has it had on your being?

  3. Reading fast doesn't align with retention for many people. Personally, I have A.D.D. so my brain is wired in a way that I need to ready slowly and methodically when studying/learning new material. (Much different than hobby reading)

  4. White noise is good for short term memory and chewing gum doesn’t help with short term memory ( I thought it was good until
    I came across the research

  5. The more you fallow those expert the less you think ….you have a brain as well as anyone else ….. listen to your self, to your hearth, you alone are created by all means ….

  6. In your Hardest, Struggling and Strongest unfavorable moments of life , when not a single motivation and prayer or some kinds of miracle works….. I am at that level…..??

    Giving tricks or short movitation to someone seems easy, when you achieve a Good level …… But that same will work with same manner with everyone ,it's not possible. …?

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