How Do I Keep From Being Triggered?

How Do I Keep From Being Triggered?

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How can I be aware of my ego prior to it arising? Eckhart explains that as you develop deeper Presence, the gap between an …

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  1. This was a beautiful and much needed clip for me this morning. I usually feel pressured to rush through things but that was somehow lifted. I thoroughly enjoyed this without wondering if I should speed up the video as I usually do

  2. I just stumbled on to this enlightened teacher Mr Eckhart Tolle. I know it was not by accident because the Universe always puts us in the path of persons, and situations that we need to learn from… Mama Universe is speaking through my spirit and telling me, I am going to receive a myriad amount of information from this brilliant teacher.

    I said all of that just to say, the perspective that Mr Eckhart Tolle just gave about the flower, nature and love is the most beautiful description of love through acknowledgement that I have ever heard… I so desperately need to rid myself of my ego. Thank you Mr Tolle.

  3. I feel ashamed to know that i have been the main cause of my own stress, anxiety, and unnecessary pain situations that have happen in my history as a human. Its like am just discovering myself now

  4. I have a question if someone can or take time to answer: is it necessary to name aka recognize the emotion in that triggering moment? I cannot always say what's going on, it's just some kind of burst of negative energy and my automatic response is eather fight or fly. I dont like nothing of this two, I want to just be with, no reacting, but it's really BIG challenge for me. Thanks for reading 🙏

  5. Than you Eckhart.. I've heard the word "oneness" And a word is all it's been for me until now.. Your explanation about it made me understand and feel it in an instance.. Thank you so much

  6. Mr. Elkhart Tolle listening to your spiritual lesson every day change in my daily life. My deepest respect and bless to have your video on YouTube. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  7. Need to be aware of the Presence? Does that mean we need to be aware of the spaciousness inside our bodies and outside of us (spaciousness of our surroundings)?

  8. Only a Master can explain the most profound with such clarity.Thank you,Universe,for gifting us with enlightened beings to guide us.THANK YOU,THANK YOU THANK YOU.