Question 77: Which Military Branch Should You Join?

Question 77: Which Military Branch Should You Join?

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Question of The Day from Luke
How do i know which branch is right for me?

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  1. I joined NAVY because I'm not a suicidal maniac and value my life. I also like the privilege of traveling the world for free , and it's the only branch that has a job related to what I'd be doing in the civilian world after I complete my 4 years.

  2. Just for everyone who watched or is going to watch I will say this, the air force quality of life is the highest in all of the branches. I would say navy is 2nd but realistically it is tied with the army. Just because being stuck on a ship in tiny quarters for 6 months at a time is not that appealing to me personally. In terms of travel navy, army, then air force. Marines definitely get a lot of travel but not too many opportunities for the good bases over seas. In terms of jobs probably Air force, then navy and army are tied. The army has a lot of jobs to choose from, so does the navy. I put air force first just because it kind of goes back to the quality of life for jobs. All in all, each of the branches have their pros and cons. I chose army and would recommend it. Without my bias, definitely would rank Air force and then navy and army for a tie. Marines last. Even on army bases, marines quality of life is still lower than the army. I literally saw well over 100 marines sleeping in our gym on cots for about 2 months, was annoying to us because we could not use the basketball courts in there for a while. But it came down to their barracks being broken down and needing repairs. Anyways just look at all the branches jobs and choose from their. Over seas, on land, army comes first. Then air force. Then navy. Marines is somewhere in there but you see only a small bit of them around the over seas bases, just kind of mixed in with the other branches in small numbers. An average day in the army is waking up and doing pt, work and then a few hours of free time. Unless you are doing shift work, then usually no formal pt but on your own and then work. More time off when doing shift work, but constantly tired due to switching schedules back and forth from night to day. Army barracks are getting nicer, in the states. They are overseas as well but it is slower. So barracks are basically 2 to a room, with a fridge and bathroom. Communal kitchen for the floor, and communal laundry rooms. Newer barracks 1 to a room with bathroom in between 2 rooms and common area between 2 rooms with a small kitchen area.

  3. I'm joining the Navy because I want to better my life. Go out and do something more meaning full. I don't want to be stuck in my home town for the rest of my life.

    I'm joining the Navy because I want to make my parents proud of me. Since I was a kid I have been on the edge of failing. I've never really tried hard. I failed most of my classes in High School, not because they were hard, But they were too easy. I felt bored and didn't want to pay attention. I didn't want to do my homework. I just wanted to go home and read. And because of that I failed High School. Which made my parents expect very little out of me. I have never really made them proud of me. And that is my goal.

    My grandpa, who had passed away 4 years ago, was in the Navy. He talked all about it. He was proud of being a vet. And I know, If he was still alive, he would be right behind me on my journey into the Service. He would be there at my graduation, wearing his "USS Coral Sea (CV-43)" Hat. He would be proudest out of my whole family. And I know, that he will be looking down at me on that day just beaming.

  4. I’m good with guns and I’ve been around them my whole life I fired my first gun when I was 8 I have a really good understanding of how they work what the different calibers are but I’m also not the best in school I’m smart but not straight As which branch should I join I’m graduating next year