I’m Aware Of Fear That Is Almost Continually In Me

I’m Aware Of Fear That Is Almost Continually In Me

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  1. This video brings me so much needed understanding. My DNA holds alot of fear from Grandma Etc I truly am grateful for your teaching ? ❤️ the deeper I go into it the more present The light within is showing regardless I like you say "accepting the almost unacceptable" your teaching has at least allowed me 2 become much more aware of it taking over my thought process

  2. Like thoughts, some people are addicted to theirs fears. Without them, they feel dead inside. I know it can sound twisted but that's the reality for some. They need to understand and accept they will survive without them.

  3. I am suffering of a chronical desease since 7 years. Half a year ago I had a phase of suffering every single minute of a day, even at night – for around 8 weeks. After some weeks there was a kind of state of accepting the unacceptable, but it was not final. I would like to have more information of how to accept the unacceptable, what does it mean to surrender to the unacceptable? What kind of feeling would that be? Can someone describe it? I feel I was close to it, but it's difficult to describe, I was in some kind of trance, but not all the time. The thought of embracing my suffering seams to help, but still there are very heave moments which I barely can stand. Where in Tolle's works can I find some kind of help for this problem?

  4. I love this man, he feels so kind and genuine ? I feel he's right in staying with the feeling, even though sometimes we are not there yet. I feel this takes a lot of practice, I' trying everyday ?

  5. I surrendered and accepted my fear, and it I actually felt like some blockage in my back began to break apart. I felt like blood started to flow in those areas. I realized how much I avoided the fear within me, but starting to accept it felt like things are beginning to clear up.

  6. “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”- Soren Kierkegaard.

    You feel anxious because you have choice, you have the choice of freedom, and that makes you afraid, because you don’t trust yourself enough. Let your anxiety guide you, let it be a reminder to choose reality, a reminder to stay present. You don’t own all the problems in the world, so take a deep breath and stay calm, cool, and collected. Most importantly, trust yourself, even if that means sometimes going against your senses.

  7. Currently stuck in addiction with alcohol cigarettes meth and weed in between. Aware that these are clutches. I've had many attempts quitting but the "burn out" and accumulated pain is always there. Intense resistance when I wake up and always looking for escape. I will not quit quitting and will face that pain. Question is if not now when?

  8. This is the hardest part of mental illness, knowing what the heck to do with it
    If you sit with an intrusive thought it will make your waking days one endless nightmare
    If you try to sit down and work through your anxieties by ruminating, you'll become a boulder sooner than that spiral will uncurl
    But if you push away a trauma memory, it will fester in the back of your brain and silently influence all your decisions
    if you ignore the quiet, painful knocking of your conscience, it will undermine the ground you walk on
    If you avoid climbing that Wall of Awful, the bricks will only be stacked higher next time
    If you push aside the silent call of your body, in pain from the years of carrying all this, it will pick a day and make you rest
    I grieve all the time I've lost trying and failing to figure out which is which and what to do

  9. Six years this video has been on YouTube,and just when I am ready,I come across it. The ton I've shed today in tears,it was here,just waiting on me to work my way to it.
    Thank you.??