How to Set Goals: 80/20 Rule for Goal Setting | Brian Tracy

How to Set Goals: 80/20 Rule for Goal Setting | Brian Tracy

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The 80/20 Rule, also known as Pareto’s Principle, a wonderful tool in time and life management. In this video, I explain the 80/20 Rule and share how you can apply that rule to setting and achieving any goal you set for yourself.

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“When your goals are clear, you will come up with exactly the right answer at exactly the right time.” @BrianTracy (Tweet this:

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  1. Greatest advice on the Greatest principle!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge

    I find this video as one of the "vital few" from all of your advice in terms of real-life implementation to get better at anything.

  2. Hi Brian. I noticed you talked about the 80/20 rule one way or another, in some of your videos on YouTube.
    I just started following your free teachings online and it has been really helpful.. thanks 🙂

  3. This is the best explanation of 80/20. Thank you very much. You hit home run when you talked about 20% being the hard ones too which is why we are tempted to start with the little easy 80% which then leads to more work.

  4. Yes. I have goals, 2 of them are growing and make my career better. 1 is stepping into my dream company. 2nd is to earn experience to reach that company.

    Eventually I’m here and found a new skill to be added in my life as well as resume.

  5. É realmente muito importante fazer uma lista com 10 metas e destas metas aplicar mais energia em 1ou 2 coisas mais importantes, se não irá trabalhar como um cavalo girando a roda pesada do dono do moinho, infelizmente a maioria das pessoas pobres gostam de fazer este trabalho, principalmente aqui nó Brasil, é como o cachorro querendo morder o próprio rabo rabo, simples assim 🙇

  6. Ima in the process of mastering this 80/20 rule and it has only been a few months and i can see dramatic change in myself confidence and am very greatful i know in 3 years i will be back to tell you how it has been going

  7. I found this rule works for a lot of what is happening in my life. Relationships, mental health, time and money.
    I do not need to be happy all the time. There is time for everything.
    My biggest flaw is procrasting. 👎

  8. Hi Brain
    Can you please answer my query if you can

    Lets say my goal is to make 5 million by 2027 and you we must have small milestones to measure for our progress tracking. So my question is what should I affirm all the time( as I do affirmation most of the time), whether I need to affirm my actual BIG GOAL( I am happy that I made 5 millions by 2027) or my small goal within it (I am so happy that I made 1 million by 2023)?

    I hope to see your answer.

    Thank you for everything. God bless you with good health and vitality.