If You Think You Do Not Fit Into The Crowd, Then THIS IS FOR YOU!

If You Think You Do Not Fit Into The Crowd, Then THIS IS FOR YOU!

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  1. Excellent video, many, many thanks. I've always been like that all along my almost 70 years on this planet and feel very proud about it. But, at the same time, how I have suffered, how many persecutions, how many misunderstandings, how many conflicts, how many closed doors, how much non-recognition. And having to live in a constant state of almost declared WAR against most of the world. Yes, for everything in life, we pay a price… And many times too high… That's how things work in this insane and mediocre world we live in… Socially, most of the time, what remains to us, people who dare being different, following their own way and are are brave enough to do it, is to celebrate the wonder of being "weird" and regarded as "crazy"… And, many times, wait for posthumous recognition… All history of humanity prooves that, although fortunately there are exceptions… Nelson Soucasaux – Gynecologist, psychologist, writer, visual artist and musician.

  2. Every people i meet and being my friends said im different because i wanted to be alone than enjoying with them at the end of the day thier all not my friends i dont care i love my self,my family and relatives?

  3. I'm different and don't fit in… especially in this time of crises… I found out …. let them do there homework… don't tell them what you know because it will bite you…. your secret is your power!

  4. I just wanna say to all the people in this comment and reading the comments because you too lazy to type too ? you are Awesome!! Remember that. I have the biggest smile on my face because I'm happy and I don't care man! Be different! Most people exist and that is all.

  5. "Be yourself, don't let anyone tell you how you should be! Well, as long as you still agree with our values and view of the world, cause if you don't we're gonna shame you publically and try to destroy your life and reputation."

  6. Just listening to this motivational speaking , gives me a sense of embracity knowing of who I am. If that make sense. So which is why I am proud of being different. I have reached to the point in life where I am done focusing on other people with awful attitude because they are so frustrating and ABSOLUTELY ridiculous

  7. I think Iam different from other girls maybe because everyone treating me differently and this because of my quietness. Being an introvert I believe that Iam different from others . Mostly are extroverts. It gives me a unique feelings like confidence.

  8. People look me like im psychopath when i say to them my biggest priority in my life self improment. In their mind maybe i should say, my biggest priority is finding a girl, get married, have children like they have done.

  9. They don t give you 5$ even if you die this is how insurances are and even if they do you never enjoy anything after all their drama you go thru you realize how dirty Ute you were with little things.

    For this reason Jesus said in Isaiah 13

    Isaiah 48:14-16
    New International Version
    14 “Come together,(A) all of you, and listen:
    Which of the idols has foretold(B) these things?
    The Lord’s chosen ally(C)
    will carry out his purpose(D) against Babylon;(E)
    his arm will be against the Babylonians.[a]
    15 I, even I, have spoken;
    yes, I have called(F) him.
    I will bring him,
    and he will succeed(G) in his mission.
    16 “Come near(H) me and listen(I) to this:

    “From the first announcement I have not spoken in secret;(J)
    at the time it happens, I am there.”
    And now the Sovereign Lord(K) has sent(L) me,
    endowed with his Spirit.(M)

  10. As A Child, I related to being a Misfit Toy Story. Nothing ever changed. I'm still not fitting in with The Norm, but learned to embrace the joy in it, as I didn't want to be like anyone else. I couldn't even desire to or could I envy others. Staying mindful of who and what I am, was The Truth and The Way.

  11. Always been a misfit……. Never had real friends because of it… dats why i put my energy in music instead of trying to be someone im not

  12. You can't be making these vidz when kids now more than ever are being taught values and morals that are week and useless ,,,if their being taught any values at all ,,,,,their given a iPhone and they hide behind it ,,,they walk around in nature with their heads between their legs n if you do do anything positive and different you're attacked and ridiculed for it ,,,,yet we make another motivation vid and expect everything to be ok ,,, I've always been different and attacked for it and it began in 1986 and still happens to me till this day ,,,,, but see when my moment comes to let you all know I'm on this planet and I got something to say ,,,your gonna know who the human I be x❤️x one love ppl, God knows we need it,,,

  13. I've always felt different, like cheese burgers instead of hamburgers and I have night hearing dogs go where I point call kinds of cool stuff.

  14. I was that person who acted the way other expected me to act. Listened others advice to how to live your life and stuff. When i wasn't living the life they said me would be right path then i started to become very anxiety, because i wanted so bad to fit in. Then later in life i learned that those people who give advice how to live life, actually doesn't even care about you at all.

  15. It is a wonderful message indeed. however, nobody will tell that i am an ordinary and with crowd. Everyone feels different one or the other way or times. if so who is different? in which level? all are unique.

  16. I'm a black goth and metalhead guy. I've been a metalhead, and goth for 12, and a half years. If you are judging me, well.. it doesn't matter. Your not the first, and you won't be the last. At the end of the day I'm being hated for the things that make me happy, and keep me alive. Hate me while I'm enjoying who I am. ?

  17. The abundance of potential is too high!!we are not afraid to face challenges,just be ourselves!!we believe in ourselves!!we do not stay with crowd!!we keep going,with resilience,perseverance, patience,clarity, attitude,honesty and finally being calm in all that journey of life!!

  18. In this game of life weirdo is the best route to go and if you got the heart to do so (self confidence ?) and built enough to handle consequences crazy is a hit maker guaranteed to take you all over the place in this world. Crazy is the greatest road all of the excitements, lessons and treasures in life are hidden and those who are crazy do what crazy does full of risk factors are thrill seekers by nature, which leads to self discovery and awakening of the world. Beside the two roads (weirdo or crazy), there is nothing impressing and satisfying in this world can be gained, awarded and/or won by the average. Thus, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT settle for the norm, life is too short and the norm offers nothing but wasted time on the road full of traffic moving on cruise control among the masses taking the safest route approved by society who expected of you on how to talk how to walk how to look what to do what not to do this and that on journey of life walking on eggshells is the norm a boring lifestyle NO risk NO thrill NO pain NO gain and at the end of the day, when said, done and you expire, your memories in this world is short and simple wasted your lifetime traveling on the safest route doing the same thing as the rest society told and sold as the norm you didn’t get a chance to see the world as whole except for what is known that you followed and got shortchanged for mediocre lifestyle. At least crazy and weirdo be out there on the road where their is less traffic (no average allowed) doing shit far from your average looking stupid and dumb high risk factor at the same time stumbling on things, finding hidden and mysterious clues and events, learning and observing the scenes, connecting the dots understanding the world as whole and banking on memories and at the end, crazy and weirdo can expire in peace known to the fact that crazy and weirdo are the only two roads that leads to the unknown discovery of the world. Normal is an average lifestyle not the way to go. if its known its known, forget the norm there is no excitement, there is nothing to learn. Remember this though in this game of life we might all be the same species (human) but we sho differentiate on the talents, therefore, we are born never on equal level so why would you wanna settle for the norm shortchange yourself dying to fit-in with society?!?! Don’t you know society will bite you either ways. If you fit-in you’re living someone else’s dream gotta play the role acting fake can’t be yourself and surrender your dreams at the same time. If you out the box society will criticize you alive and label you as trouble maker no good but at least you got your dreams and living life as crazy and weirdo one where society gotta maintain a safe distance away from you opening the road for solo ride all the way into unknown with greater possibilities to discover FREEDOM, PURSUIT TO HAPPINESS, FORTUNE and FAME all the way to the last stop the only long term goal promised to all is DEATH the rest is all bull shit, there is no such thing as to long term plan have you chasing something in life like a dummy where tomorrow is not even promising, while you’re look at the future missing out on everything at the moment and today is the only relevant thing in this game of life that matters and counts so I say lets GO CRAZY all in or nothing ? yours truly the craziest of mankind TKO kicking doors and rocking boats breaking rules and blowing whistles stealing books and reinventing wheels is all we do came in with nothing rolling the dice for 3 decades and out with something something with all the risk factors now we an outcast to the playing fields standing aside alone holding the game hostage the past vs. future on pause 911 status, I’m out without doubt yo Boi T-Marvelous I don’t fit-in never did never well but welcome all on my side of the block on some tru Playa stats keep that hating and greed on the other end ?

  19. Socialites are well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment. Theirs lives revolves around parties. The highest education a socialite has is a high school degree. In some cases, socialites didn't finish high school. Education isn't their main goal. Their socal life comes first before responsibilities. If a socialite decides to take on bigger responsibilities. That will interfere with their social life. The socialite friends will leave that individual. Socialites take on smaller jobs that doesn't require much. Therefore, the rest of their time will be about parties. Socialites are lonely people. They need hundreds of friends around them. Attention gives socialites energy. They can't stay by themselves. Socialites get depressed by themselves. Please don't hesitate to say no to a socialite. They go away when saying no to them. However, the socialite may fell disappointed towards you. They may throw shade or talk negative about you around their family and friends. Party people thought my mother and I was weird. We only think about work and not parties. Socialites used to make fun of me, through I used to fight them. Because, I'm not interested about your offer, except if we are making money. Remember this, work first, then party. Usually after work. You wouldn't have time to party because you are tired. Which is good, because you wouldn't have time to party on the streets. You are basically out of the streets. Socialites don't grow up. Working people are serious people. We believes in work first, then party or none at all. I don't like party people. They disctract people. I used to argue and fight party people. I hate them. I truly hate them. They don't think about "work", only "parties".