“My Son's Suicide Note Will Change Your Life Today” | Jason Reid Speech | Goalcast

“My Son's Suicide Note Will Change Your Life Today” | Jason Reid Speech | Goalcast

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My Son Died By Suicide | Jason Reid Speech | Goalcast

Jason Reid faced every parent’s worst nightmare when his son Ryan died by suicide at the age of 14. The tragedy lit a fire in him to end teen suicide by 2030. Fathers NEED To Change NOW.

In this Goalcast Original, Jason Reid and a group of fathers have an intense conversation about teen suicide. Jason shares his heartfelt story as well as crucial parenting advice that can have life-saving consequences. Witness the power of vulnerability and discover simple ways you can transform your relationship with your kids by giving them the tools to thrive in life.

The conversation continues in an in-depth Q&A here: https://bit.ly/2vEoEjM

To learn more about Jason Reid or the film ‘Tell My Story’ please go to Chooselife.org

00:00 – Intro: Kids Say I’m Fine
01:42 – The day it happened – “I love you, goodbye”
03:15 – Tell my story
04:07 – Protected my kids from reality
04:48 – First this you do is Listen
06:26 – The Power of Vulnerability

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  1. We urge you to contact a local suicide crisis hotline if you are having suicidal thoughts. Please know that there are people who have faced the same hardships that you are facing, and can help. It gets better.

  2. The major problem I’m seeing about myself is that I have this type of personality that many people do not like or don’t get along with. I’ve tried to change it multiple of times but I cannot re-write my genetic coding. So I’m stuck as this person who no one likes and in a world where having friends and bring somewhat out going is important, I simply just don’t fit in. My personality doesn’t fit in. Who I am annoys others and that’s why ending it all just seems like the most logical solution.

  3. Funny how I'm watching this instead of my dad, maybe because I think he wouldn't believe this and he's just gonna continue to give me his words in his own ways which is not good and very harsh

  4. He is saying the same stuff they always say. They always say start by listening to your child, even though he just described how that is what he always did at the end of the day. The boy just never told the truth about how it effected him and or what was really going on. The first step is to bring yourself down from that figure which is far above them or so distant from them. You have to try to relate to them or at least act like something they can more understand how to approach or feel less threatened to approach. Then that is the only time they will approach you truthfully with real life. And sometimes it is impossible. And that is tragic and makes me sad. But other times you may have to admit you a way too smart and successful so you have to dumb it down enough to hurt your whole being to save them. Other times you have to admit you are a box of nothing compared to their intellect or abilities to help. But remember you may be the only option of saving them. You will be happy and satisfied one day hopefully.

  5. Suicide has always been part of my life. My uncles I looked up to as a child, both killed themselves my cousin killed himself, my friends are gone drugs, or suicide took them.
    I stood at the deaths door, and the thing people don't get is the thing that holds you back is not fear of death, but rather fear of what what happens to the living. I would happily die right now, but I have people holding me back. I hope to god every time I close my eyes that they don't reopen. Inevitably though I wake up again, and I keep going through the motions everyday until it finally gets too much and I quit, but not every story ends this way you should seek help get better it's possible if you don't give up. I've given, but not everyone has to

  6. I am suicidal. I tried to reach out to my dad for help since he’s the only one I can really talk to. He sent me to an army training camp (boot camp) because of how I would always lock myself in my room and not talk to anybody. Told me “if you want to kill yourself make it worth something”. I am planning to end my life next week, I hope he regrets saying that

  7. I just lost my stepson on 12 days ago at the age of 15. The brightest person I have ever met. Mental illness is very real and not talked about enough. I'm dying on the inside because I don't understand why he left instead of coming home.

  8. Read the Qur'an. If you know that this life is a test, you will not commit suicide. Qur'an is the only book that explains all this. Read. Learn. Discover who is your Creator. Understand your purpose of life. Understand what is your final destination and how to get there safely.

  9. Im having a lot family issues for some time now,nothing feels real to me anymore,I’ve been suicidal but i know i would never be able to do it.I just wanna disappear most of the days.

  10. Wow…I shed a tear I have a daughter and son and act exactly like this father. And my daughter is getting bullied at school.. you may have just saved my daughter..God brought me to this video…thank you brother